• In the space of two weeks, the price per liter of diesel and gasoline jumped by 10 cents.

    Unleaded 95-E10 has never been so expensive.

  • The Parisians forced to take the car are resigned.

    To pay less, some have their tricks.

  • Others have even decided to leave the car.

At the time of checkout, the hand is feverish. Rising fuel prices are being felt. "Right now, I'm paying 110 euros for a full tank of gas," explains Robert, a construction worker. The forty-year-old who uses his car every day in Paris would like to cut off contact. Never take his van again but "my many tools won't follow me by magic", he replies with that smile that hides his resignation.

Alain is in the same situation.

The electrician is shocked by this price increase.

“Nah but look at that!

“, he says, pointing to the price display panel of a small service station: 2.15 euros per liter of unleaded 95-E10 and 1.98 euros for that of diesel. .

But the man has a trick, he never takes gas in the capital.

“I'm going home, to Val-de-Marne.

It's much cheaper,” he says.

“Too expensive, impossible to park and stressful.

Patrick, he made the radical choice to no longer have a car.

The ophthalmologist went to the bike.

Marie Anne has opted for another option, she does everything on foot.

"I don't want this money pit!"


A record increase

On motorcycles or by car, Parisian motorists have clearly felt this pump cost.

In recent weeks, fuel prices have been breaking records.

In the space of two weeks, on average in France, they jumped 10 cents per liter for gasoline and diesel.

Never had 95-E10 unleaded been so expensive.

One element explains this increase: world demand is very strong and supply has diminished.

This conjunction has increased the price of the barrel.

In three weeks, it went from $73 to $84.

This situation is here to stay.

If it benefits oil-exporting countries, it harms those who travel with a vehicle for which it is necessary to refuel.


Fuel: Why soaring prices are here to stay


Fuels: Prices at the pump reach record highs

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