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Editor Jina Yoon] Congolese broadcaster Jonathan shared a heartwarming anecdote saying that he avoided the accusation of 'school violence' thanks to his Korean friends.

On the MBC entertainment program 'Radio Star' broadcast yesterday (19th), Jonathan appeared as a guest.

On this day's broadcast, Jonathan opened his mouth saying that his friends had kicked out malicious commenters.

At that time, the malicious commenter posted on Jonathan's YouTube channel, "Jonathan...

When you bully me, you smile like that haha,' and left a false comment.

However, Jonathan woke up with a sigh and understood the situation late, and the comment window was already in a state of chaos.

While Jonathan was sleeping, friends from his hometown came up and left rebuttal comments such as 'Who are you?'

In the end, the malicious commenter deleted the comment and disappeared as the testimonies of friends who knew the real Jonathan continued.

Recalling that time, Jonathan said to his friends, "Thank you. I will work harder to become a giver." He said, "I really like my hometown friends. They really like me and act as a manager."

Jonathan, who appeared on KBS' 'Human Theater' in 2013, was well known as the 'Prince of Congo' because his father, who was recognized as a refugee in 2008, is a member of a Congo tribal state.

However, in the broadcast that day, he said, "I hope you don't ask me until I tell you about Congo. When you get a question about Congo, you have to search to find out." "My sister's name is not Joe Patricia, it's just Patricia. I'm not 'Mr. Joe' He showed off his more Korean-like rhetoric than Koreans, such as explaining.

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