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5 minutes and I'll be there


Yousef al-Sharif


January 20 2022

I liked the interpretation of one of the thinkers about the nature of prayer, and the worldly purpose of this great worship. From my point of view, all acts of worship have many worldly goals, and prayer alone has many of them, including teaching us the meaning of commitment as well as the unseen goal imposed by the wise legislator.

If prayer came to teach us commitment, unfortunately many of us did not learn the lesson, and did not realize the great benefits that he would reap if he applied this divine lesson; Our Arab societies have become famous for non-compliance as if it is a general feature for all of us. When you give someone a specific date, he says to you, “The appointment is not an Arab.” This means the extent to which you adhere to this appointment, and if someone tells you that within five minutes he will be present in front of you, then know that these five minutes may It lasts for five hours, and this is reflected in all our personal or practical dealings, and the tragedy is that we teach it to our generations through our actions. Wake-up times, and you do not find any manifestations of commitment to family duties or policies of arrangement and cleaning, so you find the children have become accustomed to randomness in everything and it has become the usual method always.

Commitment is an important value for the success of anything. If you want to succeed in something, you must adhere to a clear action plan to reach success. If you want your project to succeed, you must commit to quality, and commit to fulfilling your promises to your customers, and if you want to make something, you have to You are committed to perfection in this industry so that your product conforms to certain specifications, and in the simplest things when you make a promise to yourself, you must abide by the fulfillment of this promise, and we also call the person “committed” to the person who adheres to the teachings of his religion and the ethics of his community in a beautiful depiction of the benefits of commitment, because society has its rules The moral that we must abide by and follow.

If we examine God’s creation and His making of this universe, we find commitment in everything, neither night precedes the day, nor planet precedes the other.. Everyone is swimming in an orbit, everything is committed to a specific and studied order and timing, and here is the greatness in the creation of the universe, and this is a lesson or a sign that we can Through it, we recognize the importance of commitment and how it brings us important benefits that make our lives easier, smoother and more balanced.

We live now in a time when commitment has become very important in accordance with laws regulating our life transactions and principles that are required to be successful, and because we are in the age of speed, commitment to keep pace with this speed has become an inevitable and obligatory matter. Being a student, a lawyer, a teacher, a pilot, an astronaut, or even an accountant without adhering to the rules of work in every field, and so everything around us invites us to abide by it, so did you, dear reader, receive the message of God - Glory be to Him - or is the matter still considered?!, I hope you will answer yourselves, are you committed to your life?

Or are you from a group of five minutes and I am with you?

• Because we are in the age of speed, commitment to keep pace with this speed has become an imperative and a duty.



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