Seasonal Koreans It was very cold today (the 20th) as well.

After leaving Daehan, the last season of winter, from tomorrow, the power of cold air will gradually soften.

Starting tomorrow, a mild southwesterly wind will blow, and the cold will gradually subside, and then, generally mild winter weather will continue until next week.

However, as the atmosphere stagnates, dust will accumulate little by little.

Tomorrow, Incheon, southern Gyeonggi, and Chungcheong are expected to have poor ultrafine dust concentrations, and the next day, the air quality will become turbid in the west and Daegu, including the metropolitan area.

By tomorrow morning, you should be prepared for the heavy rain.

The morning temperature in Seoul will drop to minus 7 degrees and Chuncheon to minus 13 degrees, and the daytime temperature will rise sharply to 8 degrees in Gwangju and Daegu and 9 degrees in Busan.

Drying advisories will continue in Yeongnam and eastern Jeollanam-do.

On Saturday the next day, the sky will be cloudy.

In Chungnam, Honam, and Jeju, raindrops will fall from the night.

(Meteorological Caster Nam Yu-jin)