You've worked hard to endure the cold all week.

The cold will gradually subside from the day, but the morning air is still very cold.

While the cold wave warning continues in central, Jeonbuk and inland regions of Gyeongbuk, the temperature in Daegwallyeong, where the cold wave warning is issued, has dropped to minus 19.9 degrees, while the temperature in Seoul is also minus 8.3 degrees and the sensible temperature is below minus 10 degrees.

Starting from the day, the cold air will recede and the temperature in Seoul will rise to 4 degrees Celsius during the day, exceeding the previous year's level, and mild winter weather will continue for the time being.

As the atmosphere stagnates, dust rises.

Today (21st), it will be mainly concentrated in the west area, and tomorrow it will be expanded to more areas such as Seoul.

The expression of the sky will be clear, and the dryness of some Yeongnam and Jeonnam areas will continue.

On Sunday, there will be rain or snow in Yeongdong, the southern coast, and Jeju, while the rest will be mostly sunny.

(Meteorological Caster Ahn Su-jin)