The twenty-four solar terms are connected end to end, and the cycle begins again and again, and it is another year after the great cold.

  "Solar Season Song" sings: In January, the small cold is followed by the big cold, and the beginning of spring in February is continuous with rain.

The Great Cold is the last solar term of the year.

There is a folk saying that a small cold is not as good as a big cold. After the big cold, the sky gets warmer. The big cold is an important time for the transformation of yin and yang in a year, and it is also a turning point when the winter ends and the spring arrives.

  "Xiaohan is busy with comprador, and Dahan is going to celebrate the New Year." The New Year is approaching, and the strong "New Year flavor" begins to permeate.

Pickled New Year's dishes, prepare New Year's goods, clean up the dust and clean things, and look forward to good luck and New Year's coming together.

The winter is coming to an end, and spring is coming to us. We will accumulate the strength to move forward, wait for the ringing of the New Year's bell, and welcome the spring flowers together.

  So far, we have gone through the twenty-four solar terms together. Thank you for your company. After the big cold, it is a new year of reincarnation. With you, everything is beautiful. Let us look forward to the next round of spring, summer, autumn and winter.