Recently, a 2-year-old lost child in Chongqing met the police on the street and staged a heart-warming scene.

Qian Kai, a member of the Yu police Xiaoqi from the Public Security Bureau of Chongqing Nan'an District, received a report from a citizen that he found a two- or three-year-old girl standing alone on the street, suspected of being lost.

  "Kid, what about your family, are you cold?" Qian Kai stepped forward to ask about the situation, but the girl was too young to express her identity clearly, only that her brother took her out to play, but her brother disappeared.

  Qian Kai took the little girl and asked the surrounding citizens aloud, but no one recognized the child, so he carried the child and asked the surrounding shops one by one, and visited the pedestrians one by one, but still no progress.

The little girl was held in the arms of the police and told the police that she was hungry.

Qian Kai comforted her softly, and hurriedly took her to a nearby cake shop to buy cakes.

  When Qian Kai was worried about how to find the children's family, a woman came running, claiming that she was a family member of two children, and because she was going out to do errands temporarily, she let the two children stay at home temporarily. Who knows that the little boy was actually himself. Open the door and take my sister out to play.

The family went home without the child and were looking everywhere.

  After learning about the situation, Qian Kai contacted the nearest police station to check the identity of the woman, and after confirming her relationship with the two children, she handed the children over to the woman.

(Reporter Jia Nan's video comes from Chongqing Nan'an Police)

Responsible editor: [Wang Shanshan]