China News Service, Beijing, January 19. The Beijing Winter Olympics are about to open.

This time, the Beijing Winter Olympic Village has specially set up an experience area for Chinese traditional skills, skills and culture to show the integration of Chinese traditional culture and the Winter Olympics.

Among them, Hengyuanxiang Group, the official sponsor of Beijing "Double Olympics" and the inheritance unit of the non-heritage Shanghai-style woolen weaving skills, made "Hundred Flowers of Cashmere: Mirror of Spring" made of wool.

  In this exhibition work, more than a thousand quilts of various colors are suspended in midair in an orderly manner, and below the flowers is a cylindrical mirror booth, which reflects the flowers and extends an infinite space.

When the audience visits, the flowers and people will be reflected in the mirror together, presenting a beautiful picture of a hundred flowers blooming to welcome the Chinese New Year, and the velvet flowers on the human face are red.

  "Hundred Flowers of Velvet: Mirror of Spring" was designed by Zhu Yang, Deputy Secretary-General of the Art and Lifestyle Design Committee and his team.

When Zhu Yang explained the theme of his creation, he said that Chinese handicrafts not only pay attention to craftsmanship and materials, but also wrote in "Zhou Li Bai Gong Ji" that the sky is in season, the earth is full of energy, the materials are beautiful, and the workmanship is ingenious. , then it can be good.

Zhu Yang believes that the so-called celestial time is contemporaneity, while earth qi can be integrated into people's daily life.

Therefore, in the design of the installation, it is not only necessary to show the Chinese handicraft itself, but also to reflect the spirit behind the Chinese handicraft - the flowers in the sky, the mirror in the ground, and the viewers interacting with the mirror, conveying the harmony between heaven, earth and man Chinese Classical Philosophy.

  "As a dual-Olympic enterprise, Hengyuanxiang has long been committed to expressing and spreading the Olympic spirit through culture and art. In this Beijing Winter Olympics, Hengyuanxiang innovatively integrated intangible cultural heritage techniques. We used Shanghai-style woolen weaving techniques for the Beijing Winter Olympics. Made an award bouquet, so that the flower of glory will never wither. The protagonist of the art work exhibited in the Beijing Winter Olympic Village this time is still the woolen flower. Like the award bouquet, it is also hand-crocheted with wool. If the award bouquet is said It is a presentation of history and humanities, and "Hundred Flowers of Velvet: Mirror Image of Spring" focuses on the expression of contemporary art. We have a soft spot for 'thread' because Chinese people often say 'love leads to a thread', and we repeatedly express flowers , because the image of the flower can best illustrate the concept of 'each is beautiful, the beauty of the beauties, the beauty and the common, the world is great'." said Chen Zhongwei, chairman and general manager of Hengyuanxiang Group.

  The more than 1,000 woolen flowers in the work are jointly produced by woolen knitting enthusiasts from all over the country, including 28 kinds of four seasons representative flowers such as peony, rose, lily, rose, chrysanthemum and red plum.

When designing, the creative team first classified the woolen flowers into different categories, and after balancing the visual elements such as color, size, and shape, they achieved the harmony of the space rhythm by strictly operating the position.

  At the same time, in the exhibition and experience area of ​​Chinese traditional skills, skills and culture, there are also the award bouquets provided by Hengyuanxiang for the Beijing Winter Olympics, as well as the flower arrangement works "Spring", "Summer", "Autumn" and "Winter".