The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government announced on January 18 that Honduras will be included in the designated areas of Group A from 0:00 on January 21, and the boarding and quarantine requirements for relevant arrivals will be tightened.

  The Hong Kong SAR government has classified the areas where cases of infection with the Ormicon strain were found as Group A designated areas, and non-Hong Kong residents who have stayed in Group A designated areas within 21 days will not be allowed to enter.

Hong Kong residents must be vaccinated against COVID-19 and hold a Hong Kong-recognized vaccination record before boarding a plane to Hong Kong.

After arriving in Hong Kong, relevant personnel will undergo 21-day quarantine in designated hotels, during which they will be tested for 6 new coronaviruses, and on the 26th day of arrival in Hong Kong, they will undergo compulsory testing at a community testing center.

(Headquarters reporter Ye Lili and Zhou Weiqi)