Unrecognized, under-diagnosed at the risk of medical wandering, poorly treated… The management of endometriosis remains difficult in France, but will it finally change?

The gynecological disease was recognized as a long-term condition (ALD) on Thursday January 13 after a unanimous vote by the National Assembly.

In France, one in ten women is affected by endometriosis and whose diagnosis is on average made after seven years, according to the EndoFrance association.

President Emmanuel Macron has announced the forthcoming launch of a national control strategy to raise awareness and diagnose the disease.

Recognition of endometriosis as ALD should allow 100% coverage of the disease by health insurance, ie reimbursement of care or sick leave. Discovered in 1860, this still poorly documented disease is linked to the presence of cells of uterine origin outside the uterus, which react to hormones during menstrual cycles. If it can be asymptomatic, it manifests itself in many women by heavy periods, violent pain, urinary or digestive complications, chronic fatigue, which can lead to hospitalization, and sometimes cause infertility.

Endometriosis recognized as a long-term condition, what will it change for you?

Will you consult more regularly if the fees are waived?

Could you have surgery?

Try treatments?

Do you think this will encourage further research into types of endometriosis?

Are you delighted that the subject becomes a "societal problem" as Emmanuel Macron said?

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Endometriosis: The National Assembly recognizes the status of long-term condition


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