Europe 1 5:06 p.m., January 19, 2022

In "Bienfait pour vous" on Europe 1, the surgeon Olivier Claude gives you non-surgical methods to rejuvenate or beautify a face without going through an operation as was the case several years ago.

New techniques have emerged on the market, but they should be used in moderation.

In recent years, more and more French people have resorted to cosmetic surgery.

And these French people are getting younger and younger.

As Doctor Olivier Claude, plastic surgeon in Paris, explains, "collagen, the fundamental protein of our skin, begins to degrade from the age of 25-30. 

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A degradation of the skin that pushes the French to go on the operating table, but Olivier Claude gives you multiple tips to take care of your skin, without going to see a surgeon: hydrafacial, mesotherapy, skin booster.

"The hydrafacial technique consists of deep skin cleansing. We will remove all the sebum from the pores and the skin will breathe better," explains the surgeon.

But beware, this technique is not feasible at home.

You have to go to the clinic, because it requires "a very special machine that will infiltrate a serum into the skin".

And she has a certain budget "between 200 and 250 months once a season"

Techniques to stimulate the skin

Another technique to try: the skin booster.

"It's extremely fluid hyaluronic acid, but cross-linked, cross-linked, that means stabilizing. This technique will be used to restore the softness of tissues and not to nourish the skin".

But beware, Olivier Claude remains wary of this technique.

"You can only do one injection a year, otherwise you risk ending up with too much product under the skin and it's dangerous for your health".

And finally, the last technique addressed by the professor: mesotherapy.

"These are once again injections, which will penetrate the skin deeply. But this time the objective will be to nourish and stimulate the skin". 

"The facelift remains the best tool to rejuvenate a face"

But the plastic surgeon explains that to have recourse to these techniques, it is necessary "to have a healthy skin, without infection, not to have acne and to avoid after the injections the sun for a few weeks".

Heavy constraints, but "important to avoid side effects".

When asked whether these techniques are effective, Olivier Claude is mixed: "the facelift remains the most powerful tool to rejuvenate a face. But today, it is no longer an obligatory step as it was before,” he concludes.