When "Our Genius Son" was swiped across the Internet, the images of another pair of parents entered the public eye.

Only this time, it makes people feel complicated.

  On December 6, 2021, Liu Xuezhou, a 17-year-old boy from Xingtai, Hebei Province, looked for relatives online.

More than 20 days later, he met his biological parents.

However, things did not lead to a moving reunion, on the contrary, chicken feathers and sparks were scattered all over the place.

  Liu Xuezhou said he was sold by his parents for money after he was born.

Their parents also admitted that the adopter gave them five or six thousand yuan.

After the successful search for relatives, Liu Xuezhou once proposed to his parents to buy a house or rent a house for him, but his biological mother refused, and he blocked Liu Xuezhou on WeChat.

The two sides then made accusations.

The latest development is that Liu Xuezhou said that because his biological parents "converted black and white", he decided to "see the court" with them.

  At this point in this family-hunting story, we can no longer feel the warmth between parents and children.

Compared with the recent incident of Sun Haiyang looking for his son Sun Zhuo, it is even more embarrassing.

Sun Haiyang's search for decades has finally paid off.

When Sun Zhuo was shaken, almost everyone was persuading him to "change his mind".

In the end, Sun Zhuo decided to go back to Shenzhen, which is also the whole network excited and gratified for this happy ending.

  And Liu Xuezhou's story makes people feel cold.

The search for relatives is initiated by the child; after finding it, the parents do not see much joy, and the communication between them also brings a sense of distance and strangeness; and from the current situation, the child hopes to be compensated, but the parents seem to remain the same Consider him an "accident" and a "burden".

  This kind of plot is somewhat surprising, but perhaps this is closer to the truth of life: not every family search can be successful.

Parent-child love and parental grace are not natural. Those cruel and cold realities will eventually exist.

  Objectively speaking, Liu Xuezhou's move to ask for a house is indeed not "considerate" enough for the biological parents of ordinary living conditions and other children.

But how can you ask a child who has been abandoned since childhood and is now really in embarrassment to be thoughtful, well-behaved, and extraordinarily empathetic?

On the contrary, if the parents really "adopted" the child to others for money, their behavior would be suspected of the crime of abandonment and child abduction.

  If Liu Xuezhou's request is unreasonable and unrealistic, then the behavior of his biological parents is even more illegal and inhumane, contrary to ethics and difficult to forgive.

  The incident is very likely to enter legal channels, and finally it will be handed over to judicial adjudication to clarify the right and wrong.

But it seems impossible to return to the happy family atmosphere.

Liu Xuezhou is unfortunate, but for him at this time, he must also accept this misfortune.

This is the real life. There are not so many perfect fairy tales. Many times, we can only rely on self-strengthening and self-redemption.

  For the public, this is also a profound "human observation" lesson.

The nature and ethics we take for granted are not taken for granted.

On the contrary, these value consensuses are the result of repeated beating, tempering, and discipline by countless legacy Dianmo throughout the ages, and they are the truths told to us by human civilization.

  It can be said that after many "family searches" are successful, it is still a probabilistic event that both parties (especially children) have a happy family.

  Therefore, to this day, we still have to emphasize the value of the family, and emphasize how to become parents and build the foundation of the family.

Society should defend this bottom-line value, minimize human tragedies, avoid the collapse of family order, and prevent every child from being forced to "sensible" prematurely.

  Some netizens called Liu Xuezhou, let him "turn over" as soon as possible, don't worry about it.

This is naturally the most rational choice for Liu Xuezhou, to get back on his feet and start a new life.

But as a person in it, there are some entanglements that must be sorted out, and some knots that must be unraveled.

Otherwise, without reconciliation with the past, how will the future go on?

  This kind of real world situation also makes us onlookers more determined, what kind of people should be encouraged to become, and what kind of values ​​the society should maintain.

  The Paper Special Commentator Jiang Cheng