The reporter learned from the Office of the New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters in Anyang City, Henan Province that doing a good job in community management and control is the key to fighting the battle of epidemic annihilation.

At present, the epidemic situation in Anyang is severe and complicated. In order to achieve the goal of clearing the society as soon as possible, the urgent notice on strict community closure and control measures, focusing on the comprehensive management of closure and control areas, is as follows:

  1. Strengthen personnel management.

The closed control area must strictly seal the doors and households, implement home isolation measures, and achieve 24-hour patrols. Management can be strengthened through monitoring equipment, unit access control and other measures, strictly prevent people from going out, and resolutely stay at home.

For those who really need to go out for medical treatment, etc., the district epidemic prevention and control headquarters office must agree to arrange a special car to do personal protection throughout the process and implement closed-loop management.

Home isolation personnel should wear masks, ventilate the room, and minimize contact between family members.

  Second, comprehensively clarify the bottom line.

According to the inspection requirements of "five same" (eating together, living together, working together, emptying at the same time, and building in the same building), establish a dynamic inspection mechanism, and report "close contact, sub-close contact, and management and control of people in the same building for confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia every day." "Table" "New Coronary Pneumonia Preliminary Screening Positive Personnel Management and Control Table", the data is as of 24:00 on the same day, timely screening and grasping of the community's failure to implement centralized isolation control.

Unblock the information exchange channels, and the prevention and control team will push the information to the isolation and transfer team in time to ensure timely transfer and complete isolation.

  3. Timely isolation and transfer.

New confirmed cases in the community should be transferred to the designated hospital within 2 hours. The family members of the confirmed cases, the surrounding people and the entire unit of the building involved should be transferred to the centralized isolation place within 3 hours, and the other close contacts and sub-close contacts found in the traceback will be transferred within 12 hours. Internal transfer to a centralized isolation site.

Relevant personnel should be strengthened on the spot before the transfer, the personal protection of the transfer personnel and staff should be strengthened during the transfer process, and the contact between the transfer personnel and non-transfer personnel should be resolutely avoided.

  Fourth, strengthen health services.

Townships (streets) and villages (communities) deploy personnel to carry out the "knock on the door" operation in the closed and controlled areas, to monitor the health of community residents, and to conduct temperature checks and symptom inquiries every morning and afternoon to understand the health status of all people. , and fill in the health monitoring registration form.

If there are symptoms such as fever, sore throat, cough, etc., report to the village (community) in time, and arrange nucleic acid sampling personnel to come to sample, and take nasopharyngeal swab single-tube apheresis during sampling to improve the efficiency of screening.

  Fifth, do a good job of disinfection.

Nucleic acid testing and sampling in each community generates medical waste (including discarded masks, protective clothing, gloves and other medical waste generated by sampling medical staff), which are collected on-site by the nucleic acid testing and sampling medical staff in special double-layer medical waste packaging bags. The volume of the package should not exceed 3/4, and it should be sealed with a gooseneck. Designated medical waste temporary storage room.

Residents' domestic waste and masks are discarded separately, bagged and placed at the door, and the community will collect and disinfect them.

Do a good job in environmental disinfection, garbage sorting and transportation every day.

  Sixth, strengthen living materials and medical security.

Set up a special supply service class in the sealing and control area, open a service hotline, arrange 24-hour on-duty duty, and effectively do a good job in demand collection, help purchase, and delivery to households.

Grasp the basic information of key populations, and provide convenient services for the elderly living alone, pregnant women, people with limited mobility, hemodialysis patients, chemotherapy patients, mental patients, and chronic disease patients.

Give full play to the role of the psychological counseling team, provide a special line number for psychological assistance, and provide residents with health guidance, psychological counseling, and emotional comfort in a timely manner.

  Seven, compact and compact all responsibilities.

Implement territorial management and industry supervision responsibilities, strictly distinguish the work areas in the sealed and controlled areas, strengthen personal protection training for staff in different positions, and strictly regulate protection to prevent cross-infection.

Strictly implement the one-meter-line requirements on the nucleic acid test site, leave in an orderly manner after sampling, and stay and gather is strictly prohibited.

Give full play to the role of grid management, reasonably allocate personnel, and adequately allocate medical prevention and control materials.

Continue to carry out online training to give full play to the role of cadres and volunteers.

Strengthen supervision and inspection. If staff or individuals fail to achieve effective protection and cause serious consequences, relevant personnel will be held accountable in accordance with laws and regulations.

  The management and control of Wenfeng District, Anyang City has been upgraded. After 7 pm, there is a curfew, and people and vehicles are strictly prohibited from going on the road.

  In accordance with the requirements of the emergency meeting of the Wenfeng District Committee of Anyang City, stricter measures will be adopted for social control in Wenfeng District from January 19.

  1. In principle, the time to leave the community with a work certificate is limited from 5:30 to 7:00 in the morning, and the time to enter the community is limited to 7:00 to 8:30 in the evening.

During other time periods, except for emergencies, all personnel are strictly prohibited from entering and leaving.

  2. A curfew will be implemented after 7 pm within the jurisdiction. Electric vehicles and pedestrians are strictly prohibited from leaving the community on the road. Pedestrians are isolated at home and stay at home.

  3. All business units are closed, and it is strictly prohibited for any business unit (except for special livelihood) to open the door without authorization, otherwise heavy fines will be imposed until the business license is revoked.

  (Headquarters reporter Li Fan, Duan Qingchen, Liu Xiaoya)