Overseas Network, January 18. The Hong Kong community has recently appeared in the invisible transmission chain of two mutated viruses, Omicron and Delta.

According to the Hong Kong Center for Health Protection announced on the 18th, 26 new cases were confirmed to be infected with Omicron, bringing the total to 479 cases involving Omicron.

  According to Hong Kong Wenhui.com, one of the infected people confirmed in Hong Kong on the 18th has an unknown source.

The female patient worked in a kindergarten and last worked on January 5.

She developed a fever on January 16, started coughing on January 17, and tested positive.

In terms of whereabouts, the female patient had taken the MTR several times during commuting and had visited Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui. The Hong Kong health department has not yet found the source of her infection.

  In the past 14 days, Hong Kong has reported a total of 326 confirmed cases of the new crown, of which 3 are local cases and the rest are imported infections.

(Overseas Network Wu Qian)