In response to the investigations being conducted by two local governments in Hokkaido toward the selection of a final disposal site for so-called "nuclear waste" from nuclear power plants, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has decided on nature, including volcanoes. In the process of choosing a location, we have begun to consider matters that should be considered in terms of safety, such as the effects of disasters.

"Nuclear waste" is high-level radioactive waste generated from the spent nuclear fuel of the nuclear power plant, and the government plans to create a "final disposal site" and bury it deep underground. Since November, we have been conducting a literature search, which is the first stage, in Spent Town and Kamie Uchimura in Hokkaido.

In response to this, the NRA began to consider safety considerations in the process of selecting a final disposal site at its regular meeting on the 19th.

Items to be considered include cases where volcanoes and faults move, and of these, volcanic eruptions may be released to the environment due to the risk of radioactive materials buried in the ground. Our policy is to listen to opinions from experts.

The literature search in Hokkaido is expected to end in the fall, and the Regulatory Commission hopes to show the results of the review before the search moves to the next stage.

Toyoshi Fuketa, Chairman of the Regulatory Commission, said, "There are scientific knowledge and opinions that have not been accumulated, such as the mechanism of volcanic formation, so I would like to hear the opinions of experts first and discuss them." ..