WHO = World Health Organization says that there is no need to develop a new vaccine for Omicron strain, saying that the vaccine currently used against Omicron strain, a mutant virus of the new coronavirus, is sufficiently effective. I showed my thoughts.

Ryan, who oversees crisis response at WHO, said at a press conference on the 18th, "Many of the vaccines currently in use prevent them from becoming severely ill and hospitalized or dying after infection. ", And showed the recognition that it was sufficiently effective.

Ryan then said that there was no need to develop a new vaccine for the Omicron strain at this time.

Regarding the Omicron strain, Dr. Fauci, chief medical adviser of the U.S. government, said last month that two doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines currently in use will significantly reduce the effectiveness of preventing infection and aggravation, but they are early. As a result of the study, the opinion is that the effect will be sufficiently enhanced by the third booster dose.

Pfizer and Moderna have announced the development of vaccines for the Omicron strain, but WHO has indicated that the fair distribution of existing vaccines to the world, including developing countries, will lead to the convergence of the pandemic. I am.