"The wind blows the fairy's robe and lifts it like a dance of neon clothes and feathers." A modern dancer "traveled" to the Tang Palace in a dream, but unexpectedly found a mysterious inspiration.

  When Chinese instruments such as pipa, erhu, and guzheng are on the same stage with western instruments such as piano, flute, and cello, will there be fierce battles?

"What a beautiful jasmine flower, fragrant and beautiful, full of branches, fragrant and praised by white people." Unexpectedly, the combination of Chinese and Western instruments was coordinated, and the ensemble "Jasmine Flower" was composed.

  "It is the dream of every suona person to be able to play "Hundred Birds and the Phoenix", and it is also the inheritance and protection of our younger generation of suona people." The young musician Suona Xiaonan joined hands with a troupe of old folk artists to stage a "symphony". Use music to "dialogue" with the older generation of Suona people.

  These unexpected "mix-and-match" and "cross-border" famous scenes come from the music video program "China's Attraction·Shocking National Music" jointly created by China Youth Daily, China Youth Online and Watermelon Video.

  It turns out that Chinese music is so trendy, the "unlocking" gameplay can be very cool.

We are like "opening the blind box", unlocking the thousands of possibilities of "opening the brain" of traditional art culture one by one.

  Perhaps, at present, traditional culture is no longer a static and alienated exhibit in a glass window, not a light and low-key background color, but a new and trendy product that can be integrated with contemporary culture.

Classical dance can also achieve contemporary creation

  14 lively, smart, charming and lovely "Tang Dynasty girls", just like walking out of the picture of ladies, they laugh and play, dress up, play musical instruments, dance lightly... In 2021, Henan Satellite TV's Spring Festival Gala "Tang Palace Night Banquet" After the show became popular on the Internet, the dancing figures of this group of "Tang Dynasty girls" attracted a large audience.

  Because of this "Tang Palace Spring Festival Gala", there was an endless stream of tourists in front of the Henan Museum in the morning, and a long queue of more than 200 meters lined up.

During the Spring Festival, the Internet search popularity of Henan Museum increased by more than 500% year-on-year.

  In the past year, Chinese classical dance has been on the screen.

Programs such as "National Treasure·Performance Season", "Dance for a Thousand Years", and "Dancers" made Pan Gu's "Xianhe Song" and the dance poem "Only Blue and Green" out of the circle.

  On the one hand, the vocabulary of classical dance has changed, expanding the creative space of this art; on the other hand, the demand for national style cultural products has surged.

For example, on a video site, the number of viewers of national style videos in the past year has reached 136 million, of which more than 80% are 18 to 24 years old.

  In "China's Attraction·Shocking National Music", the group of Tang Dynasty girls are not only beautiful in the Tang Palace.

When they "encounter" with the modern dancers who "occasional", the new trend and the classical collide, the ancient and the modern time and space meet in an instant, this encounter is not abrupt.

Classical dancers dance with modern dancers, modern dancers are deeply infected and touched, and classical dance is endowed with the beauty of time and the sense of historical heritage.

  The relevant person in charge of the program team said: "We try to interpret the Han and Tang classical dances with the force method and action processing of modern dancers. This is not only a collision at the movement level, but also a fusion of current aesthetics and traditional classic art."

  Luo Bin, secretary of the Chinese Dancers Association and vice-chairman of the association, once pointed out that since the reform and opening up, due to the drastic changes in social life as a whole, dance has faced embarrassment in the market.

As a niche art, if no one really pays the bill for classical dance, it is difficult for this art form to develop well.

Programs like "Dancing for a Thousand Years" use the means of online variety shows to show stage art that was originally limited to theaters through the lens.

He pointed out, "It was people outside the circle who started to help us break the 'circle', forcing us to go out".

  Some viewers will think that classical dance is an ancient dance passed down from generation to generation and should be strictly restored.

In this regard, the academic world is more open to ideas than the general audience, and classical dance itself is also a "contemporary creation".

  Luo Bin believes: "Classical dance is an open structure, an attempt to integrate, and a collection of many forms. From the artistic mechanism, it is completely possible to adapt classical dance, and the audience should accept it according to the contemporary creation. "

Let traditional culture be your source of inspiration

  Today, more and more young audiences pay attention to and follow traditional culture, and traditional culture is also becoming a source of inspiration for young literary and art workers.

  The opera is beautiful and mellow, and the successors and disseminators are just young.

  There are 4 girls in the "416 Dormitory" of the 2021 Peking Opera Performance Department of the Academy of Drama, Shanghai Theater Academy, and a 2018-class junior sister. These 5 girls are all post-00s.

They uploaded ancient songs adapted from Peking Opera on the short video platform, which became popular on the Internet and were called "Shangxi 416 Girls Group" by netizens.

  A student majoring in Huangmei Opera performance at Anqing Normal University, became popular with short videos covering Huangmei Opera: "The Concubine", "Tianxian Match", "Meng Lijun"... These cover works have received millions of likes.

  In addition to cover singing, traditional opera can also be opened through game music.

  "Qu Gao is not necessarily ignorant, it has its own bosom friend and clear words." At the beginning of 2022, the game "Yuan Shen" opera aria "Goddess Split View" performed by Yang Yang, an actor from the Shanghai Peking Opera Theater, went out of the circle on the Internet.

The "cross-border mashup" of traditional opera and the virtual world made the audience shout "amazing", and the platform was played more than 10 million times.

It's not enough to watch it by yourself. After that, netizens are passionate about "second creation", creating Cantonese opera version, Huangmei opera version, Suona version...

  In the program "China's Attractiveness, Shocking National Music", the young singer Chen Zitong turned into Yu Ji and integrated Peking Opera into popular music.

  In the video, the audience saw that a music creator and pop singer performed by Chen Zitong was suddenly disturbed by the swarming crowd and dazzling flashing lights during a stage performance. woman.

  Later, when Chen Zitong wrote songs by herself, she struggled to find inspiration, but the memory of watching Peking Opera on TV as a child always came to her mind. ".

  So, in the video, Chen Zitong painted her eyebrows and lips on the mirror, transforming into the "Yu Ji" that made her fascinated.

However, this is a new version of "Yu Concubine" that combines elements of popular culture, and the audience also enjoys a different "Farewell My Concubine".

  Pop music and Peking Opera singing, modern face and classical beauty, all blend together seamlessly.

  In Chen Zitong's view, she also hopes that she can further explore the new national style music, so that the young people can pay more attention to traditional culture.

Chen Zitong said: "I hope that in the future, I can continue to integrate elements of national style with modern music, and create more new national style music with Chinese cultural significance."

"Potential" Boldly Expresses and Experiments in Culture

  Zheng Lu, a well-known young dancer and deputy director of the classical dance department of Beijing Dance Academy, said that Chinese culture has a sense of timelessness and peace. .

Zheng Lu has always taught her students to express themselves in the culture.

  Chinese music master Fang Jinlong and virtual idol Luo Tianyi collaborated on the classic folk song "What a Beautiful Jasmine Flower", which achieved a breakthrough cooperation; Zide Qin Club played "Chang'an Twelve Hours Fantasia" in the "Ancient Paintings" performed by real people .

  Today, when we inherit and spread traditional culture, on the one hand, we must calm down and "dive" into the profound and meaningful cultural heritage; on the other hand, we must also carry out bold expressions and experiments to build a solid bridge between the classical and the trendy.

  In recent years, Dong nationality songs have become very popular among young people.

The great songs of the Dong nationality originated from the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. During the Ming Dynasty, the great songs of the Dong nationality had become popular in some areas of the Dong nationality.

  Intangible cultural heritage is brought to life by means of new media.

The "Seven Fairies of the Dong Family" dressed in Dong nationality costumes, wearing beautiful silver ornaments, held a mobile phone and broadcast live on the ridge of Dong Village in Liping, Guizhou, introducing the local specialties of their hometown and singing the great songs of the Dong nationality.

Later, "Seven Fairies of the Dong Family" also appeared on the variety show stage, and sang the livehouse version, or the cross-border cooperation version of "Dong Song" with artists.

  A while ago, young musician Guo Yue also conducted an imaginative experiment.

Have you heard of "Cyber ​​Guofeng"?

  Guo Yue and Dong dancers brought the passionate collision of cyberpunk and Dong songs.

"Cyberpunk X Dong Drums" has created a "space music laboratory" with a sense of futuristic technology, and the future musicians in the laboratory will carry out an extremely cool fusion creation.

  The melodious tunes of the Dong nationality songs are matched with the rhythmic cyberpunk electronic music, presenting the softness and tension in front of the audience.

  It is worth mentioning that the ethnic costumes of the Dong dancers in the video have added modern design elements, while the choreography combines modern dance, Dai dance and Dunhuang dance.

  In Guo Yue's view, the innovation of folk music can be bolder.

Guo Yue said: "Folk music is full of possibilities. Musicians don't have to be bound by traditional musical instruments. They can innovate these splendid masterpieces in our own way."

  China Youth Daily, China Youth Daily reporter Shen Jiequn Source: China Youth Daily