【Expert Perspective】

  Not long ago, the author went to primary and secondary schools to learn about the implementation of the "double reduction" policy. Most of the interviewed students' answers mentioned that "there is less homework, more extracurricular activities, no need to go to remedial classes, a happy mood, and a harmonious family." Wait for words.

These playful and real answers from the students confirm the effectiveness of the "double subtraction".

But the interview also revealed a practical problem that needs to be solved urgently.

"Although our school life has improved this semester, the winter vacation is coming soon. I wonder what my mother will do?" said a senior primary school student.

With children's questions, the author interviewed some parents.

Parents say that they are also "confused", and the reasons are mainly in two aspects: First, if the child does not go to remedial classes during the holidays, who will take care of it?

The second is that they do not know how to scientifically plan their children's vacation study and life.

In fact, the worry of children and the confusion of parents are exactly the issues that the "double reduction" policy needs continuous attention to.

The winter vacation is about to start. How can we relieve parents' confusion and anxiety and guide their children to spend a happy and high-quality vacation life?

According to the requirements of "double reduction" and the "Family Education Promotion Law", efforts should be made from the following three aspects.

  Parents: Improve the ability to scientifically plan and guide children's study and life during holidays

  As parents, we must first make it clear that educating children is not only our own business, but also the country’s business;

On October 23, 2021, the "Family Education Promotion Law of the People's Republic of China" (hereinafter referred to as the "Family Education Promotion Law") adopted at the 31st meeting of the Standing Committee of the Thirteenth National People's Congress clearly stated: "Parents or other guardians shall establish a family It is the first classroom, the parents are the first teachers, and they assume the main responsibility for the family education of minors." Through legislation, it is clarified that parents are the first responsible for children's education.

  As a parent, you need to understand what and how to educate your children.

The Family Education Promotion Law points out that parents should, on the basis of respecting the laws of physical and mental development and individual differences of their children, adopt methods such as personal parenting, joint participation, camera teaching, subtle influence, strict compassion, respect for differences, equal communication, and mutual promotion. From family culture, excellent family style, family virtues, family relations; national concept, community awareness, family and national feelings; social morality, personal morality, awareness of the rule of law; hobbies, aesthetic pursuits, study habits, exploration spirit, innovation awareness and ability; Living habits and behavior habits; safety knowledge and skills, self-protection awareness and ability; labor concept, labor habits, self-care ability and independent living ability, etc. 7 aspects of 22-dimensional family education are scientifically conducted to guide children to grow up healthily at their own pace.

  As a parent, learn about planning and guiding your child's vacation life.

Parents must first realize that children's education needs to be carried out under the guidance of scientific theories and methods. If they do not learn relevant theories and methods, there will be "wolf father" and "tiger mother" style anomie that does not follow the laws of education, and even illegal problems.

However, for most parents, they do not systematically master the theories and methods of educating children, nor do they have the relevant knowledge and ability to scientifically plan and guide their children's holiday life.

Therefore, in order to scientifically plan and guide children's holiday life on the basis of respecting the characteristics of children's physical and mental development, it is necessary to read relevant books, participate in relevant training and consult relevant professionals.

  School: Assist parents to scientifically plan their children's holiday study and life

  Every winter and summer vacation, responsible teachers will communicate with parents. The main purpose of communication is to let parents use the vacation to improve their children's knowledge and ability in a certain aspect.

When parents asked how to do it, most teachers in the past suggested sending it to a certain type of off-campus training institution.

In fact, we can't blame teachers for this, because teachers' pre-service learning and post-service training basically do not involve planning students' vacation study and life, so many teachers do not have the professional ability in this area.

According to the requirements of "double reduction" and the provisions of the Family Education Promotion Law, schools should incorporate this knowledge and ability into the training content in future teacher training, and gradually improve teachers' professional ability in this area.

  At the same time, through research and according to parents’ needs and focus issues, schools should hire relevant professionals to teach parents the concepts, knowledge and methods of scientifically planning students’ study and life during vacations through on-site reports, manuals, and online consultation.

For urban parents, the school can provide help and services to parents through on-site reports, printing and distributing manuals, and online consultation. For parents in rural and ethnic areas in the central and western regions, the school should The actual situation of the child, through the targeted invitation of relevant experts to make online reports, recording guidance videos, pushing classic cases, providing online dialogues and answering questions, etc., continue to teach parents the concept and knowledge of scientifically planning students' study and life during vacations and method.

Through theoretical explanations, method demonstrations and typical cases, parents are guided to change their concepts and can use scientific methods to formulate holiday study and life plans suitable for children with their children.

  In addition, schools should help parents develop a list of student holiday study and life advice.

Schools should work with family education experts, subject teachers, class teachers, parents and student representatives and other relevant subjects to formulate a list of student holiday study and life suggestions in accordance with the requirements of "double reduction" and the characteristics of students' physical and mental development in different grades.

For example, scientifically plan the daily wake-up time, rest time, exercise time, homework time, labor time, free activity time, etc. of students of different grades, and form a list of suggestions for students' study and life in vacations based on grade groups, for parents Scientifically plan children's vacation study and life, and provide reference for helping students spend a pleasant and high-quality vacation life.

  It is especially important that schools should establish a holiday home-school contact mechanism to provide professional advice for parents to scientifically manage their children during holidays.

The first winter vacation after the implementation of the "double reduction" is a major test for the implementation of the "double reduction" policy and for parents, as well as many thorny problems.

Therefore, schools need to take the lead in setting up a consulting team including family education professionals, subject teachers, class teachers, etc., and establish a home-school contact network platform or online consultation space. Parents manage their children to provide scientific guidance, help and counseling.

  Related departments: Create a quality holiday learning and living environment for children in the jurisdiction

  The "double reduction" policy points out that it is necessary to strengthen departmental coordination, innovate collaborative methods, and promote the construction of a collaborative education community.

In response to students' study and living problems during the holidays, the education department should work with women's federations, trade unions and other departments to run a parent school or an online family education guidance platform, and promote the construction of community family education guidance centers and service sites.

  The trade union and women's federation of the parent's unit shall provide assistance and services for the children's study and life of the employees of the unit. If conditions permit, according to the age characteristics and individual needs of the employees' children in the unit, provide corresponding study places, Sports venues and learning resources. For employees with special types of work and those who participate in social public services during the winter vacation, relevant professionals can be arranged to manage and take care of their children's diet and daily life, and provide guidance on their vacation homework to solve the worries of these employees.

  The neighborhood committee should, according to the actual situation of the children in its jurisdiction, work with the Communist Youth League, Women's Federation, trade unions, etc. to establish community family education guidance centers and student holiday education service points.

The community family education guidance center should hire professionals to provide family education guidance and family education issues consultation for community members on a regular basis.

Community education service points mainly solve the problem that community members cannot take care of and supervise children during holidays. In addition to ensuring the safety and health of children in the jurisdiction, they should also provide children with open classrooms, libraries, sports venues and other resources and facilities. Professionals are hired to organize children to participate in group games, cultural and sports activities, comprehensive practice, interest development and other activities.

  Villagers committees should rely on urban and rural community public service facilities to establish village-level family education guidance centers and vacation education service points.

For migrant workers in rural areas, the lack of or inappropriate family education for children is common, and the problem of unsupervised vacations is very prominent.

Therefore, there is an urgent need to establish village-level family education guidance centers and student holiday education service points in rural areas, especially in rural areas in the central and western regions and ethnic areas.

However, due to the low population density and scattered living in these areas, and the lack of local family education professionals, the county-level government needs to make overall planning. Family education professionals in ethnic areas provide regular family education guidance for villagers through on-site or online methods.

In terms of the construction of holiday education service points, the village committee should establish a holiday education service point in accordance with the actual situation of the children in the administrative village, and contact the college students’ holiday social practice activities and relevant volunteer teams to establish holiday education service points to provide professional homework guidance and enrichment for local children. Colorful interest development and other educational services.

It should be pointed out that intergenerational parenting is still common in our country, and how to update the concept of parenting of grandparents also needs to be consciously strengthened in the work of relevant departments.

  In short, the implementation of the "double reduction" has significantly reduced the burden on students, and the sleep time has reached or approached the prescribed requirements.

In this winter vacation, we must keep the achievements of the "double reduction" and give the children a happy and high-quality vacation.

  (Author: An Fuhai, professor at the Teacher Development Research Center of Hangzhou Normal University)