China News Service, Tianjin, January 18 (Reporter Zhang Daozheng) He Peng, spokesperson and second-level inspector of the Tianjin Municipal Health and Health Commission, reported on the 18th that from 0 to 24:00 on January 17, 18 new cases of local new coronary pneumonia were added in Tianjin. Confirmed cases (15 in Jinnan District, 2 in Xiqing District, and 1 in Hexi District), including 10 mild cases and 8 ordinary cases.

No new asymptomatic infections were reported.

The new cases are all isolated and controlled personnel.

  On the afternoon of the same day, the 172nd press conference on the prevention and control of the new coronavirus pneumonia in Tianjin was held. He Peng introduced that as of 24:00 on January 17, a total of 312 confirmed cases had been reported in this round of local epidemic in Tianjin, and local asymptomatic infections had been reported. 22 cases, of which 14 are still under medical observation, and 8 are confirmed cases.

  He Peng said that of the 312 confirmed cases, 293 were in Jinnan District, 11 in Xiqing District, 6 in Hexi District, 1 in Hongqiao District, and 1 in Dongli District.

Based on the analysis of the residence and activity trajectories of infected persons, the epidemic has formed relatively concentrated community transmission in Xinzhuang Town and Xianshuigu Town in Jinnan District.

A total of 69 family gathering outbreaks have been found, of which the communities with more than 3 family gathering outbreaks involved Xinzhuang Town, Xianshuigu Town, and Shuanggang Town in Jinnan District.

  The number of cases has dropped significantly after measures such as centralized isolation of close contacts, home management in closed (controlled) areas, restrictions on movement of people, and suspension of gathering activities were adopted in the treatment of this epidemic.

The current epidemic is generally under control, but the situation is still severe and complex.