The Burmese star tortoise, which was owned by Momoko Sakura, a manga artist from Shizuoka City known for her popular manga "Chibi Maruko-chan," spawns at a zoo in Kawazu Town, Shizuoka Prefecture, and is attracting the attention of tourists.

This Burmese star tortoise was named "Kamemi" by Momoko Sakura, a cartoonist who was born in Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City and died in 2018. it was done.

It was exhibited at the zoo with a male Burmese star tortoise, but while the zookeeper was watching, he dug the soil in the exhibition hall, laid 6 eggs and covered it with soil.

According to the person in charge, turtles have a strong appetite and eat a mixture of carrots and apples every day, and the shell size is now 27 cm, which is larger than that of male turtles.

The eggs are in the soil and cannot be seen directly, but the tourists who visited took pictures of the turtles and called out "Congratulations turtles".

Nachi Watanabe, the breeding chief in charge of breeding, said, "I think that the turtle laid eggs because I thought it would hatch here, so I will try to hatch naturally. If all goes well, it will hatch from May to June, and a cute baby turtle. I think you can see it. "