Shop around the world in 26 suites at Global Village

  • Global Village abounds with a wide choice of merchandise.

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Global Village, one of the most important cultural parks in the world, and the first family destination for culture, shopping and entertainment in the region, and in conjunction with the activities of the Dubai Shopping Festival, invited its guests to enjoy unique shopping experiences, and to discover a huge range of distinctive and curated products representing different cultures from all over the world .

During the month of shopping, the global village is filled with 26 pavilions representing more than 80 cultures, with a wide choice of goods and merchandise that gives guests the opportunity to shop the latest traditional and modern international designs and trends at great prices, ranging from clothing and beauty products to accessories and tools used for fitness, as well as decorative pieces and others A product that you can't find anywhere else.

During their visit, guests will be able to live a shopping experience that embodies the reality of local life in the markets of the pavilions countries they visit, where the pavilions of Palestine, Turkey and Iran, as well as the open markets in the pavilions of Thailand, Korea and Russia, are ideal places to shop and buy beautiful souvenirs and handicrafts. They can also shop for Iranian and Afghani carpets that are famous for their quality around the world, get the original argan oil from Morocco, buy engraved necklaces from Spain, or enjoy the taste of fresh fruits from Thailand. The experiences will not stop here, as the leading destination provides the opportunity for guests to travel around the world, whether from Egypt to Europe, or from Japan to Pakistan, through distinguished shopping experiences that mimic the markets of different cities with their smells, tastes and sounds. In addition, guests can find K-rock collectibles at the Korea Pavilion, along with the latest Korean skincare products.

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