, January 18. According to the WeChat official account of "Netcom Shangqiu", the new crown epidemic has recently occurred in many provinces across the country, especially in the Beijing New Crown Epidemic Prevention and Control Press Conference on January 17. The specific mutation site of the new coronavirus Omicron variant was detected on the surface of the outer packaging of the international mail, which has attracted widespread attention.

During the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, how to avoid the spread of the new crown virus caused by express delivery, the Shangqiu New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Office urgently reminds that the following aspects should be considered:

  1. Control link.

In the delivery link of express delivery, the express delivery business in medium and high-risk areas, or the express delivery business for high-risk groups and fever patients should be suspended;

  Second, disinfection.

During the transportation process, it should be ensured that the express packaging is not directly exposed, and the contamination during transit should be avoided as much as possible.

The express company should conduct centralized disinfection of the express surface after receiving and delivering the express and in the centralized sorting process.

  3. Shop carefully.

The last link is that people should minimize the purchase of overseas goods during the high epidemic situation abroad.

  Fourth, do a good job of protection.

When receiving couriers, you should take appropriate precautions, wear masks and gloves, and keep a safe distance of one meter from other pickers or couriers.

Disinfect the packaging surface as soon as you get the express delivery. You can spray the surface of the express delivery with disinfectant, or use disinfectant wipes to wipe the surface of the inner and outer packaging of the item, and try to remove the outer packaging outdoors.

  Another very important point is to do good hand hygiene after handling the courier.

Even if gloves are worn, be sure to wash or sanitize hands after removing gloves.