Regarding the large-scale inoculation site of the new corona vaccine by the Self-Defense Forces, the Ministry of Defense will start inoculation from January 31 in Tokyo and February 7 in Osaka.

Regarding the large-scale inoculation venue for the new coronavirus vaccine by the Self-Defense Forces, at the meeting on the 18th, the Ministry of Defense decided to set up a venue in the joint government building in Otemachi in Tokyo as before, and to start inoculation from January 31st. I decided.

Initially, 720 people will be inoculated per day, and from February 7, the number will be increased to 2,160.

On the other hand, in Osaka, preparations will be made for the start of inoculation from February 7, with the direction of setting up a venue in the "Sakaisuji Yagi Building" in Chuo-ku, Osaka, and inoculation will be given to 960 people per day. Is expected to do.

Reservations are required for inoculation, and from January 28th in Tokyo and next month 4th in Osaka, we will accept inoculations by phone as well as the dedicated website and communication application "LINE".

At the venue, if you are 18 years old or older using the Moderna vaccine, have a third vaccination ticket, and the required interval has passed since the second vaccination, you will be vaccinated regardless of age or place of residence. Will be vaccinated.

All venues will be open until July 31st and may be shortened depending on the reservation status.

After the meeting, State Minister of Defense Oniki told reporters, "As the Omicron stock spreads, the Ministry of Defense and the Self-Defense Forces will do their utmost to help the people who feel uneasy." ..