A Pakistani part-time instructor working at a public elementary school in Tokyo was arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department for taking a woman in her thirties who she met through a language learning app to her home and injuring her in an attempt to sexually assault her.

It means that he has denied the charges against the investigation.

The person arrested was Shah Saied Kasim Ali, a 28-year-old English part-time teacher who is a Pakistani national and works at a public elementary school in Tokyo.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, it is suspected that a woman in her thirties was brought to her home in Akishima City, Tokyo last November, and she became a horseman trying to sexually assault her and injured her back.

A woman rushed to a nearby police box and discovered the damage, so she denied the charges, saying, "There is no such fact."

The suspect is looking for a conversation partner with a language learning app, and this is the first time he has met the victim through this app and met him in person.

In addition, the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the details of the situation, as another woman has asked for similar damage.