Due to the emergence of people infected with the new coronavirus, the number of nursery schools that are temporarily closed is increasing rapidly in Nagoya city.

The number of nursery schools closed on the 18th is 54, which is the largest number ever, affecting about 6,400 children.

At a nursery school in Nagoya City, if a child or staff member is infected and there is even one person with close contact, the school will be temporarily closed for 10 days, and the number of temporary closures has increased sharply since the beginning of the year.

According to the city, 12 places were temporarily closed on the 17th and 12 places were closed on the 18th, and 54 nursery schools were closed on the 18th, which was the middle of the 5th wave last August 30th. It's more than 51 places a day, the highest ever.

Approximately 6,400 children have been affected, and in Nagoya City, we are implementing "emergency childcare" to specially accept children attending nursery schools that are closed after identifying close contacts and preparing staff. However, what we are able to do is that we are only in eight nursery schools.

The Nagoya City Childcare Management Division said, "The pace of closure is much faster than in the past, and considering the role of the nursery school in terms of the whereabouts of children and the employment support of parents, it is very painful. There is no choice but to thoroughly implement. "

A sense of crisis even in a nursery center that is not closed

Due to the rapid spread of infection, even nursery centers that are not closed are becoming more and more likely to be closed, raising a sense of crisis.

The Takakura nursery school in Atsuta-ku, Nagoya, where 121 children attend, has never been temporarily closed due to the influence of the new corona.

As an infection control measure, in the nursery school, all the parts of the building that children touch, such as shoe boxes, doors, and toys, are disinfected at a fixed time, and some windows are always open for 15 to 30 minutes. It is fully opened once every time to ventilate.

On the other hand, since the beginning of this month, there have been several people undergoing PCR tests, such as becoming close contacts, and the sense of crisis is increasing.

Naoko Muto, director of Takakura Nursery School, said, "I think there are unprecedented troubles such as the fact that other nursery schools are closed one after another and parents cannot go to work. When and who will take it? I don't know about the new Corona, so I'm worried every day. "