As the business environment of the "mini theater", which screens movie works not handled by major companies, has become severe due to the influence of the new coronavirus, a new mini theater will open in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, which is known as the origin of culture.

Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, nicknamed Shimokita, is known as a cultural center with many general stores, live houses, and theaters.

Odakyu Electric Railway, a major private railway company, will relocate the station and railroad tracks underground, and this mini theater will be born on the site.

It was opened to the press on the 18th, before the opening on the 20th.

The number of seats is 71, and the owners of local live houses and restaurants appear in the video that calls for manners to be played before the screening in order to get familiar with the local people.

There are some places where the audience is depressed and closed due to the influence of the new coronavirus around the mini theater.

This facility has a cafe and a shared office in the same building, and is devised so that the entire building can be managed.

In the future, in addition to showing various works such as music movies and documentaries, we plan to set up a screening day for people with babies.

Takeshi Otaka of Incline, an organization that runs a mini theater, said, "I want to increase the number of movie fans and contribute to the industry as a whole."

Successive "mini theaters" closed The business environment is harsh

The "Mini Theater," which discovers buried masterpieces and screens movie works not handled by major distributors, is greatly influenced by the new coronavirus.

Iwanami Hall in Jimbocho, Tokyo, which has a history of 54 years and is known as a pioneer of mini theaters, has decided to close on July 29 because the business environment has changed drastically and it has become difficult to operate. rice field.

In addition, "Uplink Shibuya" in Shibuya, Tokyo was closed in May last year due to tight cash flow.

There are movements such as supporting working capital through crowdfunding around the mini theater, but the business environment is severe as the infection of the new corona spreads again.