The annual "follow-up exercise" started at the ranch in Otofuke-cho, Hokkaido, in an attempt to solve the lack of exercise in winter by running horses on the snow.

At the "Livestock Improvement Center Tokachi Ranch" in Otofuke Town, we carry out a "follow-up campaign" every year to solve the lack of exercise for horses raised in winter when grazing is not possible and to prevent the dystocia of pregnant horses. ..

Starting on the 17th, 87 horses, including 62 who are about to give birth, were divided into three groups and ran three laps on an 800-meter-long course.

Pregnant horses weigh nearly a ton, so the horses ran through the snow on the course with their big bodies.

A man who visited from Sapporo City said, "I was surprised at how powerful I had never seen so many horses running up close."

The "follow-up campaign" will be held until early April and will be open to the public on weekdays until the 25th of next month, but it may be canceled depending on the infection status of the new coronavirus and the weather, so check the ranch on the homepage. I want you to do it.