(New Year walks to the grassroots) Hebei Xinfadi "super-large refrigerator" frozen product reserves of nearly 100,000 tons to ensure the supply of the Spring Festival

  China News Service, Baoding, January 18 (Lu Zihao Baiyue) On the 18th, in Shouheng Hebei Xinfadi Smart Cold Chain Logistics Park in Gaobeidian City, Hebei Province, as vehicles entered and exited, stevedores were busy moving goods, Inbound and outbound.

  "Fish is indispensable for Chinese people's Spring Festival table, and now there are dozens of tons of shipments every day." On the same day, in the frozen goods trading hall of the logistics park, Lin Zheng, a merchant dealing in seafood, has been busy using his mobile phone to urge replenishment.

  "At present, the logistics park has a reserve of nearly 100,000 tons of frozen products, and there are rich categories of pork, beef and mutton, poultry, aquatic products, and quick-frozen food." According to Wei Shujian, president of Shouheng Hebei Xinfadi, in order to ensure the supply of frozen products in the market during the festival , the park has established an emergency logistics system to ensure continuous supply for 7 to 10 days during the festival, and guide merchants to connect with the origin, organize the supply of goods, increase reserves, guide the large downstream supermarkets and the second batch of markets, and prepare goods before the festival.

Inventory of holiday supplies.

Photo by Zou Mingqi

  As the first batch of operational projects of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development strategy, Shouheng Hebei Xinfadi Agricultural and Sideline Products Logistics Park, which was put into operation in 2015, has now settled in more than 7,300 dealers and enterprises, becoming a veritable "vegetable basket" in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. project.

In November 2021, the first phase of the Shouheng Smart Cold Chain Logistics Park, known as the "super-large refrigerator" and with a storage capacity of 200,000 tons, was officially put into use, further enhancing the endogenous production of the "one-hour fresh agricultural product logistics circle around Beijing and Tianjin". Storage and preservation capacity of fresh agricultural products.

  "Our products are mainly frozen corn and peas, which are aimed at the national secondary wholesale market. At present, there are 2,700 tons of stock in the cold storage, and the daily sales volume is nearly 100 tons, which can ensure the market demand during the Spring Festival." Wang Libin, a frozen vegetable merchant say.

  Wei Shujian said that in order to ensure the safety of the people on the "tip of the tongue", all cold chain food must be reported 24 hours in advance before entering the park; a "waiting area" is set up at the Gaobeidian North Exit of the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway to conduct nucleic acid testing on personnel and goods. , before entering the park after complete sterilization; perform secondary sterilization on the platform of the park and register the ledger, all product information is entered into the Hebei Province Edible Agricultural Products Traceability Platform, and coded sales are implemented.

  Wei Shujian said that during the Spring Festival, the park will use the big data of the agricultural product traceability platform in Hebei Province to timely understand the trend, quantity and price fluctuations of products in and out of the market, quickly respond to changes in market supply and demand, and ensure the supply of the Spring Festival.