Actress Shin Ye-eun shed tears of emotion when she received a birthday congratulations from soccer player Koo Ja-cheol, the 'Choi-ae'.

Yesterday (17th) KBS Cool FM 'Raise Shin Ye-eun's volume' released a video of a surprise event through the official Instagram.

To celebrate DJ Shin Ye-eun's birthday, the production team secretly recruited Shin Ye-eun's favorite player, Koo Ja-cheol, and Shin Ye-eun, unaware of this fact, heard the voice of Koo Ja-cheol, "Hello Ye-eun. I'm Koo Ja-cheol." I didn't know.

In a voice message, Koo Ja-cheol said to Shin Ye-eun, "Happy New Year and thank you for always supporting me." "You always seem bright and have great energy, so I hope you can confidently take your personality and style no matter what anyone says. .Happy birthday."

While Ja-cheol Koo's message flowed, Shin Ye-eun, who could not control her trembling heart and grabbed her face, shed tears as soon as the message ended.

Ye-eun Shin was so surprised that she put her hand on her heart, which was beating fast, and she shed tears of emotion as if the joy did not abate even while the production team came to her and comforted her.

Shin Ye-eun is well known as an avid fan of Koo Ja-cheol.

He is the only one who follows Koo Ja-cheol's SNS other than his agency and radio programs hosted by him, and in an interview with a magazine in 2019, he said, "I have liked soccer since I was in 6th grade. During the 2011 Asian Cup, Koo Ja-cheol He was the top scorer and it was so good," he said.

In addition, Shin Ye-eun recently revealed her possession of Koo Ja-cheol's uniform and letter in a web entertainment program, and not only looked up Koo's videos and SNS, but also said that Koo shed tears when he retired from the national team.

To this, netizens responded warmly, such as "Yeun DJ's reaction is so cute. You look so happy", "As someone's fan, I can sympathize with Yeeun unnie who was genuinely surprised", "The production crew gave me the best birthday present", etc.

(Picture = KBS Cool FM 'Raise the volume of Yeeun Shin' · Yeeun Shin · Ja-cheol Koo Instagram)


(Editor Jina-Yoon, SBS Entertainment News)