As the infection situation of the new corona worsens, Setagaya Ward, which has the largest population in Tokyo's 23 wards, is an antigen test kit at pharmacies in the ward for those who wish to commute to work or school. Is a policy to distribute for free.

Setagaya Ward has been targeting households with children attending nursery schools and kindergartens in the ward since last month in order to prepare for the 6th wave of the new coronavirus and prevent infection in the home, which was a problem in the 5th wave. We distribute antigen test kits.

However, in response to the rapid spread of the infection since the beginning of the year, we have expanded the target and decided to distribute it free of charge to the desired ward residents and those who commute to work or school.

Of the distribution locations, "Futakotamagawa Park" and "Karasyama Community Center Square" will start from 21st this month, and "Seijo Gakuenmae Station South Exit Square" will start from 24th this month,

both until 22nd next month. It means that we will prepare 40,000 kits.

In addition, many pharmacies in the ward will distribute it free of charge from the 1st to the 28th of next month, and will prepare 200,000 kits.

Setagaya Ward decided to carry out its own initiative because reservations are concentrated at the venues for free PCR tests and antigen tests that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government also conducts in the ward. By making it possible to receive it, we would like to prevent the spread of infection. "