From "real estate speculation" to pulling advertisements, Metaverse is "very busy" to be

  wary of "inflation" of virtual assets in Metaverse

  For the domestic metaverse to mature, it still needs a growth process.

In the future, it is necessary to strengthen the research on the public governance policy of the Metaverse. For example, when virtual assets such as real estate fluctuate greatly, it is necessary to usher in the relevant supervision of virtual asset speculation.


  Recently, the Metaverse has been "very busy", from games to social networking, from industrial production to military fields, it has a busy figure, and "real estate" is one of the most lively fields.

  "It is extremely scarce, and it is expected that the future appreciation space will be endless." On December 20 last year, on the second-hand trading platform, a virtual real estate in the Metaverse of an island around the sea with a serial number within 100 was listed for 1 million yuan.

A reporter from China Youth Daily and China Youth Daily saw that many of the listed prices for this room type are at high levels, including 888,800 yuan, 100,000 yuan, 99,900 yuan...all of which are priced out of the market.

  What is even more surprising is that there is already a complete chain of virtual real estate transactions behind the high prices of virtual real estate in the Metaverse.

Including real estate appraisers to evaluate the price of real estate, real estate service providers to recycle or sell real estate, special personnel to release the daily house price trend, and even housing advertisers to start leasing...

Virtual real estate TV advertising rental 888 yuan / month

  In foreign metaverse applications, some people spend tens of millions of yuan to buy a piece of land.

In China, where the application of Metaverse has just started, the "admission ticket" for a Metaverse concept product has also been fired for tens of thousands of yuan.

  As a Hong Universe, which is considered to be the representative of the metaverse virtual social product, the mobilization code for its first closed beta was fired for tens of thousands of yuan.

In its recently opened second wave of internal testing, the mobilization code has been as low as 3 yuan, and there are many people who choose to share it for free.

  At present, the phenomenon that a "code" is hard to find still exists.

In many exchange groups of Rainbow Universe, it is not uncommon for players to ask for "codes".

  In addition to the mobilization code, another way for players to get the "entry ticket" is to obtain the login code through a psychological test.

After the test, the reporter found that when the test result is "Social Bull NB version", the internal test qualification can be obtained, and when the test result is "Social fear type", it cannot be obtained.

  After acquiring the property, players can decide on the decoration of the room according to their personal preferences.

Among them, TVs can play videos uploaded by individuals, which makes UGC (User Generated Content) possible.

Players can visit other people's houses, or even sit on the couch and watch TV together.

  Others sensed an opportunity.

"Island around the sea receives indoor TV advertisements, 888 yuan/month." As the rarest housing type, the total number of islands around the sea is only 420, accounting for 0.12%, and the price is also the highest. Next, the flow of people visiting the house was considerable, and some people started advertising for rent.

One of the players said: "There are many SS-grade properties that cannot be traded now, and they do not generate real-time value when they are placed on mobile phones. TV advertisements can."

  This allows players to experience another life in the virtual world.

On December 18 last year, Hao Jingfang, winner of the 74th Science Fiction Hugo Award, master of astrophysics and doctor of economics from Tsinghua University, said that 2022 is the origin of the metaverse explosion.

It is conceivable that in the future metaverse, people can really reset their roles and open a "second world" in the virtual world just like in Spielberg's film "Ready Player One".

Some people make a lot of money, some people lose money

  Under the tuyere of the Metaverse, some people made a lot of money by relying on virtual real estate, and some people suffered losses.

  Many "real estate speculators" and "real estate agents" have purchased a large number of virtual real estate, and even published the so-called "big market" real-time price trend to exaggerate the atmosphere of rapid price growth of rare virtual real estate.

  On December 16 last year, in a Rainbow Universe exchange group with more than 800 people, there were several reference price lists for housing types. It has risen by 20,000 yuan, compared with the "closing price" of the previous day, a year-on-year increase of 42,100 yuan.

  This also stimulated many players.

Some players said that now is a good time for virtual real estate to "enter the market". Once the entry is late, this wave may be missed.

It is not only necessary to "get in", but also to "hold it firmly". Some players said, "If you can hold it, it is worthless, but if you can't hold it, it is worthless."

  At the same time, there are also people who are anxious to deal with the virtual real estate in their hands, worrying that after the next round of internal testing is launched, the number of houses on the platform will increase, and the price will “dive”.

  On December 19 last year, in a newly released reference price list for housing types, the purchase price of islands around the sea stabilized at 45,000 to 60,000 yuan, and the half-sea view villas rose by 100 yuan. Most housing types fell to varying degrees, such as , The glass flower house fell by 200 yuan.

However, there are huge price differences between different price lists.

In another price list of the day, the price of islands around the sea is 4800-5200 yuan, which is about one-tenth of the previous price.

  In just 3 days, the price of one room type has dropped by 93%.

On December 15 last year, a "real estate speculator" Zhang Wei (pseudonym) said in the group that the purchase price of the garden house was 150-300 yuan.

On the 18th, Zhang Wei said, "No one bought it today, and now it is charged at the original price of 20 yuan."

  "You just didn't make any money. Think about us and hoard a bunch of waste paper." Facing the price dive, Zhang Wei said that many ordinary sellers on the platform mostly got it for nothing by doing tasks or lottery draws, but they collected the house by themselves. nearly two million.

"Let it go, there's no way, I'm willing to admit defeat."

  In Zhang Wei's view, this is a game of drumming and passing flowers. Whoever takes the last blow will die, because this house is replicable.

He said that the reason for hoarding so many virtual properties "is that I don't think I will be the last one."

  In addition, there are also some "real estate speculators" who have suffered huge losses because their accounts were blocked.

Some players said that they had previously received two half-sea villas and one island around the sea, and the platform suddenly banned all three accounts. He appealed to the platform to no avail, and the loss reached four figures.

Be wary of virtual asset "inflation"

  In order to prevent speculation, on December 10 last year, the official Weibo of Rainbow Universe announced that the transaction of digital collections was closed and can only be given to friends.

  However, the wind of "real estate speculation" still prevails.

In the short term, the price of virtual real estate has been "fired". What support will it rely on in the long run?

Zhang Xinmao, a senior analyst at Guotai Junan, said in his video that a set of virtual real estate can be traded countless times, and the transaction cycle can be as fast as seconds, which is speculative.

  Regarding this issue, Shen Yang, executive director of the New Media Research Center, School of Journalism, Tsinghua University, said that the use value of virtual real estate is obviously lower, and more of a spiritual satisfaction value.

  At the same time, Shenyang pointed out that the price of virtual real estate mainly depends on three factors: one is the flow of the Metaverse application itself; the other is the player's willingness to spend. Risks; third, the design of the current domestic metaverse applications is mostly controlled by a certain platform, without unified rules, nor with the attribute of "open world", which also means that housing prices are dominated by the platform to a certain extent.

  "When the platform has a strong control, it is easy to cause inflation of virtual assets." Shenyang explained that the platform may become the biggest factor leading to the inflation of virtual assets. Just like playing games, it is difficult to obtain a certain equipment at the beginning. When players feel a great sense of fatigue in the game, a common operation is to release a large number of the same equipment.

In the metaverse platform, if there is no related "smart contracts", etc., the platform has the possibility of such operations.

  As the concept of the Metaverse became popular, its popularity has also spread to the capital market. Recently, many stocks of the Metaverse concept have risen significantly, and even hit a daily limit for a time.

  Shenyang pointed out that at present, the stock market's pursuit of the Metaverse is due to the progress of the Metaverse. The Metaverse is not only developing rapidly in the fields of games and social networking, but also a new trend is that the role of the Metaverse in enabling industries and improving productivity is coming to an end. To the real.

The stock price and valuation growth of some companies with key technologies and research and development of Metaverse-related products is reasonable.

But for companies that have neither core technologies nor a history of product development related to the Metaverse, it will be difficult for them to succeed in the future.

"Next year, the stock market is expected to see a burst of pseudo-metaverse companies slumping," Shenyang said.

  Currently, the Metaverse is in a state of "sub-health".

Previously, the "2020-2021 Metaverse Development Research Report" written by the Shenyang team pointed out that the Metaverse industry in the initial stage of development faces ten risks, including capital manipulation, public opinion bubbles, ethical constraints, monopoly tension, industry involution, Computing power pressure, economic risk, addiction risk, privacy risk and intellectual property.

  Shenyang said that to treat these "sub-health" problems, it is extremely important to quickly promote the progress of key technologies.

At the same time, the industry needs to continue to make efforts to promote the birth of popular apps, which will push the Metaverse into the public eye.

  The metaverse industry should also strengthen de-foaming, that is, to distinguish and filter out the pseudo-metaverse more clearly.

In addition, the research on the public governance policy of the Metaverse should be strengthened in the future.

For example, when virtual assets such as real estate fluctuate greatly, it is necessary to usher in the relevant supervision of virtual asset speculation.

In his view, the domestic metaverse needs a growth process to mature.

  "To hype virtual items in the virtual world, you need to be alert to high risks." Shenyang reminded that investors who want to enter and players who want to be involved in the real estate of the Metaverse must be carefully screened, strengthen research, and experience as much as possible to prevent being "cut" Chinese chives".

"Anything that needs to be paid for, must be carefully considered."

  China Youth Daily, China Youth Daily reporter Zhao Limei Source: China Youth Daily