China News Service, Beijing, January 18 (Reporter Du Yan) In response to recent media reports that some social testing institutions in Beijing charge "expedited fees" when conducting nucleic acid testing for the new coronavirus, Beijing requires various testing institutions in the city to conduct nucleic acid testing. When testing, it should be charged in accordance with the unified pricing of the "new coronavirus nucleic acid detection" project.

For those who do not implement the policy to collect expedited fees and special rush fees and other price violations that raise the nucleic acid testing charging standard in disguise, the illegal income will be confiscated according to relevant laws and regulations and a fine of less than 5 times will be imposed, and typical cases with serious circumstances will be publicly exposed. .

  This is what the reporter learned from the press conference on the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia in Beijing held today.

  Du Xin, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Medical Security Bureau and spokesperson, introduced that through joint research by the Beijing Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau, the Municipal Health Commission, the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau and other departments, the city's nucleic acid testing institutions will be further regulated. charging behavior.

  He said that when various testing institutions in the city carry out nucleic acid testing, they should charge according to the unified pricing of the "new coronavirus nucleic acid testing" project. A "rush fee" is charged.

  All relevant testing institutions should take the initiative to publicize the price of new coronavirus nucleic acid testing and mixed testing in a prominent position, provide services to the public and collect fees in strict accordance with regulations, and regulate their own charging behavior.

  Du Xin said that the bureau will strengthen the publicity and training of testing institutions with relevant departments such as the Health and Health Commission, pay close attention to the implementation of relevant policies, and increase supervision and inspection efforts.

  Han Tao, head of the fifth detachment of the Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Comprehensive Law Enforcement Corps, said at the press conference that after the implementation of the nucleic acid test charging policy in Beijing, the market supervision department will strengthen price law enforcement inspections across the city, investigate and deal with price violations in accordance with the law, and respond to non-implementation. The policy of charging expedited fees, special rush fees, etc. to increase the price of nucleic acid testing fees in disguised form, will, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, confiscate illegal gains and impose a fine of less than 5 times, and public exposure of typical cases with bad circumstances.

  Han Tao reminded all nucleic acid testing institutions to strictly abide by laws and regulations, consciously perform their main responsibilities, and follow the clearly marked price regulations to ensure that the price list is complete, the price content is true and clear, and the logo is eye-catching, and no unmarked fees shall be charged.

At the same time, all sectors of the society are welcome to strengthen supervision, and if any price violations are found, they can promptly call the 12345 hotline to complain and report.