A Syrian refugee is surprised by a fortune in his bank account.. and the reward for his honesty is a fruit basket

A Syrian refugee in Germany was surprised by the entry of about 400,000 euros into his account, the source of which is unknown.

The young man, who works as a chef in a pizzeria, was accidentally checking his account to discover a large sum of about 400,000 euros, and despite the temptation to conceal the amount, and his ability to withdraw it without any problem, he quickly informed the police and the bank of the matter.

The story, which was raised by a number of German media outlets, received a great response.

Given the young man's honesty, he called the district director to address the young man in a letter thanking him for his honesty, and to return the money to its owners, and also sent him a basket of gifts;

Appreciation and gratitude for his deed.

Police investigations revealed that the amount of money belongs to the administration of Mainz Bingen. The people in charge of the affairs of the region sent the money by mistake to the account of the Syrian young man, after the official made a mistake in one of the account numbers, while the amount was supposed to go to one of the youth and social affairs associations. In the region, according to the German website SWR and Sabq.

And German media previously reported a similar incident, where a Syrian young man returned 150,000 euros to his owners after finding him in one of the pieces of furniture he bought from a used furniture store.

Where he found 100 pieces of the denomination of 500 euros, in addition to savings books worth 100,000 euros.

After broadcasting television reports about the incident, a German university offered him a scholarship to continue his studies in communications engineering, which he had dreamed of.

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