In Itayanagi Town, Aomori Prefecture, where apple production is thriving, an apple with the word "pass" was presented to a local third-year junior high school student in the hope of success in taking the exam.

This gift is given every year by a group of apple farmers in Itayanagi Town, Aomori Prefecture, and 13 members visited Itayanagi Junior High School on the 17th.

92 third-year students gathered at the gymnasium, and on behalf of the group, Yoji Sato encouraged, "It is important to have goals and dreams. I look forward to your unlimited potential."

Then, while the members said, "Please do your best not to catch a cold," we handed each student an apple with the passing letters.

In response, on behalf of the students, Mr. Takumi Narita said, "I think that this passing apple has the love and support of everyone. We will do our best with this as our strength." rice field.

This apple has a sticker on the surface before it begins to turn red so that the word "pass" appears, and the members of the group have raised it specially for all the third graders of Itayanagi Junior High School.

One of the girls said, "I want to eat apples to get power and do my best to take the exam."