Produced by Noon Sunshine and adapted from the novel of the same name by Jinjiang Literature City, the time-loop short drama "The Beginning" is being broadcast on Tencent Video. The chief producer, Zhao Ziyu is the producer, Bai Jingting and Zhao Jinmai are the leading actors, Liu Yijun is a special star, Liu Tao is a friendship star, and Huang Jue and Liu Dan are co-starring.

Today, the play released an episode and MV - "Rebound".

The MV edited many wonderful scenes in the play: there are male and female protagonists who are desperate for rescue, and there are also the pain and hesitation after they have experienced failures again and again.

The phrase "try again" by Li Shiqing (played by Zhao Jinmai) shows their determination to always hold hope and refuse to give up, which echoes the lyrics "we'll reboud".

There are also some episodes that will be broadcast tonight in the MV, such as Xiao Heyun (Bai Jingting) pulling Li Shiqing to escape from the bus, and the two hiding in a truck compartment with tears in their eyes. The plot has created more expectations.

  Since the launch of "Beginning", its popularity has risen rapidly. In the seven days of its launch, Tencent Video has received nearly 400 million views, with the highest single-day viewing volume of 69.72 million. It has become the TOP1 online drama cat's eye for many consecutive days.

Whether it is in terms of the amount of discussion on social topics or the outstanding performance of multi-platform and channel distribution, "Beginning" has occupied the high ground of Internet popularity and has become a hot topic for audiences nowadays.

With the development of the plot, a series of topics have been extended, which has aroused widespread concern and discussion among netizens.

  The image of the bus passengers out of the circle and the image of the police are well recognized

  After the first week of the "Beginning" update, the vivid and three-dimensional characters in the play have been hotly discussed by netizens, and the audience is attracted by various characters in the play during the process of chasing the play: such as the "cat-sucking boy" Lu Di, the second-dimensional "cat boy" in the group portrait of passengers. (Zeng Kelang), the sunny and enthusiastic anchor "Happy Brother" (Song Jiateng), the "bus medicine god" aunt (Ma Lan) who has all the medicines, the old horse (Zhang Xiqian) who travels thousands of miles to deliver watermelons to her son ), Lao Jiao (Jiao Peng), who has a hard life but has good intentions.

They are ordinary people who can be seen everywhere in life. They seem inconspicuous, but they influence everyone around them with their kindness and warmth in subtle ways.

  As the plot continues to unfold, the police team in the play has won the love of a large number of audiences.

Whether the shrewd and capable Zhang Cheng (played by Liu Yijun), the calm and wise Du Ju (played by Liu Tao), or the young and enthusiastic young police officers, through the continuous advancement of the case, they have shown the audience the professionalism, sense of responsibility and Rigorous, praised by netizens as "you can always trust the people's police" and "become broken and tearful."

Among them, the police officer Zhang Cheng is the most popular among the audience. His sophistication in questioning witnesses and his sensitivity to information is amazing. Li Shiqing's inadvertently calling out "Officer Zhang" and Lu Di's flickering eyes are all very subtle. Unable to escape his eyes, netizens have expressed that he is "exquisite professional skills, rigorous and meticulous in logic", and affectionately called him "a good hunter of foxes".

In the trailer released recently, Zhang Cheng rushed to the bridge with a pressure cooker, and the moment the bomb exploded, he was also shaken by the shock wave, and his life and death were unknown. Netizens couldn't help worrying, leaving a message and praying, "Officer Zhang, don't have any trouble. what".

The audience can be infected by the plot and feel ups and downs for the characters, which is not only an immersion in the plot, but also a high degree of recognition for the character shaping.

  Netizens are immersed in chasing dramas, and the effect of urging more hits has been formed

  Since the broadcast of the series, netizens' enthusiasm for chasing dramas has been high, and they have fallen into the "immersive drama chasing" mode: some people trembled when they heard "Canon", some people had reverie when they saw the bus, and one netizen even posted on Weibo. After talking about their personal experience of "saw the DNA of the pressure cooker moving on the bus", many people echoed "Is there a stew of meat in it?" "The pressure cooker + Canon = PTSD, there is already a shadow", and related topics are overwhelmed. , "The Beginning" is full of stamina.

  The plot above made countless netizens fall, and after the 8 episodes were broadcast, the reminder mode was turned on - "Why is it only Sunday when I wake up? Plus!" "The first eight episodes, online clips and commentary videos have been watched several times, Why is it not yet Tuesday?" Finally, amid the long-awaited calls from netizens, "The Beginning" will be added an episode this Wednesday, and VIP members can watch three episodes in a row on Wednesday.

The update day is finally here on Tuesday, and the new plot is about to start tonight. What is the motive of the murderer of the bombing, and what are the secrets?

Xiao Heyun and Li Shiqing escaped from the bus. What kind of story will unfold?

"The Beginning" is being broadcast exclusively on Tencent Video. Members will update 2 episodes every Tuesday and Wednesday at 20:00, and 1 episode will be added this Wednesday; non-members will update 1 episode every Tuesday to Friday at 20:00, so stay tuned.