"Pushing" is my life January 18, 19:09

"Pushing activity" to love and support something.

Now that you are constantly worried and anxious about your work and life due to the corona, why don't you get energized by positive thinking of "pushing"?

(Asaichi "Tell me and push life!" Interview group)

Among the many pushing worlds ...

The targets of recommendation are all over the universe, from singers and athletes to anime and manga, novel characters, Buddha statues, and battleships.

Last year, Rin Usami's novel "Akutagawa Prize", which depicts the world of "Akutagawa", won the Akutagawa Prize.

"Soshikatsu" has been nominated for the New Words and Popular Words Awards, and has permeated society.

It was the people of "stage actors" such as theater, musicals, Kabuki, and Nogaku that changed the way of "pushing" in the corona.

The real thrill of the stage is to receive not only the lines and singing voice but also the message that the actor sends out with his whole body in the same space.

A series of cancellations and postponements have taken away much of the fun.

Then, when the Asaichi interview team conducted a questionnaire to "Stage Actor Guess", more than 12,000 people cooperated.

I couldn't go to the theater without a lot of preparedness in Corona.

When I was able to go, I started to watch it only once with all my nerves.

After that, I repeatedly see what is made into a disk.

 ("Takako 4157 (Yokona)" recommended by Yuta Furukawa)

(Interview group note: Disc = DVD)

Since there was no official supply, I just worked hard, earned money, and endured while the performance was canceled due to Corona.

 (Mr. "Poshi" recommended by Mr. Kenichi Mitsuda of Shiki Theater Company)

Looking at the voices received in the questionnaire, there were various people, such as those who were lonely because they couldn't make the same pushes as before, and those who enjoyed online distribution and recording.

What they have in common is the unchanging strength of their feelings.

Rather, it was impressive that there were many people who said, "I want to support more pushing because of this time!"

A fascinating world that I didn't know The vitality of living in 2.5 dimensions

The number of performances with the audience in the theater has decreased due to the corona sword, but on the contrary, there are also people who say, "I saw more stages after the corona sword."

Ms. Mikako Izumiyama (59), who enthusiastically recommends the stage actor Hiroki Suzuki, is one of them.

Mr. Izumiyama loves the genre called "2.5 dimensions", which is set in anime, games, and manga.

This field focused on online performances at Corona.

It was more affordable than going to the theater, so he said he was able to watch more stages than usual.

Mr. Izumiyama continued to support him online, but he said he was not originally interested in 2.5D.

Ms. Mikako Izumiyama

"I'm sorry, but I'm sorry, but that was the image. Isn't acting not so good? Isn't the song not so good?" but"

However, when I actually watch the stage, Mr. Izumiyama's feelings change 180 degrees.

It is said that what impressed me was the "single-mindedness" that all the performers and staff wear.

Ms. Mikako Izumiyama

"I was surprised to see. Everyone really understands the work, so I first felt something like the power of the whole work. It wasn't just Mr. Suzuki, but the whole work. However, it was a humorous feeling. I think it wouldn't be possible to have that kind of atmosphere unless everyone worked hard to make it. I don't think it would be good if there was only one star. It was an opportunity. "

2.5 dimensions with the original.

Whether it's anime or manga, fans of the original should have an image and thoughts about each character.

It is said that the feelings of all the performers and staff who are trying to add new value without spoiling the world view of the original have been conveyed to the stage.

During the interview, when talking about Hiroki Suzuki and other actors, it was impressive that Mr. Izumiyama always had respect for "working hard" and "working hard".

"Because 2.5D people are serious, they will never betrayed whenever they go to the stage,"

says Mr. Izumiyama.

That sense of trust may have something to do with the fact that "Pushing" saved Mr. Izumiyama's life crisis.

Resurrected thanks to a “push” of upsets from relationships in the workplace

It was six years ago that Mr. Izumiyama recommended Mr. Hiroki Suzuki.

It was because I was recommended by my daughter who was 28 years old at that time.

I was in a medical job, but I was cornered from the stress of relationships until my physical condition changed.

Mikako Izumiyama

"I couldn't do what I was able to do because I was denied what I thought I was doing. I'm getting depressed, so I entered a bad loop and failed again. I've been doing this for a long time because I like the job of interacting with people, but I've become a little more scared of interacting with people. When I try to go to work, I get nosebleeds. After all, when I went to the hospital, I was stressed. I was told that if I wasn't good enough, the blood vessels in my brain were cut. "

I couldn't see Mr. Izumiyama, who lost confidence in his work and life, and his daughter recommended the stage where Mr. Suzuki starred.

Mikako Izumiyama

"I think it's when I'm doing what I love that I can be happy and enrich my feelings, so maybe I forgot about it. It may have been great that I was able to regain the feeling of "Oh, I should come here." It's like having someone pull me up. "

After that, Mr. Izumiyama became more and more enthusiastic about the depth of his activities.

I was able to regain my energy and get a new job.

At the age of 60, he strongly says, "I want to continue working with the money I earn, so I will continue to work in good health."

The target of the recommendation is the theater company's 39-year recommendation life

The target of recommendation is not limited to a specific actor.

In Asaichi's questionnaire, there were many people who answered the question "What is your recommendation?" By the name of the theater company, such as "Takarazuka Revue," "Super Eccentric Theater," and "Haiyuza Theater Company."

Kyoko Nagai (51) has been promoting the Shiki Theater Company for 39 years.

I work in construction-related office work, but I prioritize the schedule of performances and decide on holiday schedules up to several months in advance.

I've seen "Cats" 15 times and "Phantom of the Opera" more than 20 times.

It seems that if you sit in a different seat each time and change the viewing angle or taste the difference in the cast, you will never get bored.

What is the recommendation for Mr. Nagai?

Kyoko Nagai

"It's a source of power. I think that seeing it gives me energy, energy to do my best, impression, crying, and really various powers. Once every few months. If you don't see it, it's a withdrawal symptom. "

If you look at this number of times, you will have a trick in the appreciation method.

Mr. Nagai has a "push seat" that is not a "push actor".

For example, when I see "The Lion King," I like the front of the upper seats on the first floor.

Live percussion is included in this musical, but it is said that the percussionist's passionate performance can be enjoyed more at this seat.

"Phantom of the Opera" is slightly in front of the center of the 1st floor.

There is a scene where a big chandelier falls, but at this time, it is said that you can feel as if you were in the "Opera Theater" in the play.

When it's fun and when it's hard, it's the same as pushing

I met Mr. Nagai when I was in elementary school.

I watched the musical as a school event and was obsessed with its charm.

When it was televised, I didn't have a VCR at home yet.

He put the cassette deck in front of the TV, recorded only the sound, and listened to it over and over again.

Joined the drama club without hesitation in high school.

I went to see "Cats", which was a hot topic at the time, with my friends.

It is an era when there are no smartphones as it is now.

On the day of the event, I carefully copied the cast posted on the theater into a notebook.

Many of the pamphlets and memos that I still keep carefully are the traces of Mr. Nagai's youth.

Even after I got a job, I continued to go to the theater.

As I go to the theater over and over again, I witness the growth of a young actor who was initially a light role, gaining experience and becoming more and more important.

I was able to rejoice like myself because I kept watching.

Kyoko Nagai

"I like Cast's hard work. I'm neither a parent nor a friend, but anyway, I'm glad to see him being recognized for his hard work

. I'm really happy when I discover that this person is supposed to play this role, even though I'm not a related person at all. "

When I was 47, my life was the hardest.

There was a time when I saw the performances of the theater company and it didn't touch my heart as much as before.

My emotions changed when I saw "The Bell of Notre Dame," a sad and sad love story set in the bell tower of the cathedral in Paris.

It is said that the enthusiasm of the members of Shiki Theater Company, who have been pleased with their growth like a family, has touched Mr. Nagai's heart more than ever.

Kyoko Nagai

"There was a time when I was so depressed that I couldn't keep up with the so-called ordinary happy ending works, but at that time I just saw the" Notre Dame Bell "and cried every time I saw it. I was crying, but it was gradually purified while I was crying. Even if I knew the story and the result, I was really encouraged by the feeling of cheering and trying to take a step forward. I was really drawn to the work itself, the role of each person, and everything. "

It seems that Mr. Nagai continued to listen to the musical on the CD while the theater company was absent due to the corona.

He said that he would like to continue to watch over the cast members.

Recommendations for a life with a push

If you support yourself in an extraordinary world that is neither at work nor at home, that energy may be returned to you.

I realized the importance of having "things that can be absorbed" as a safety valve for the mind because of the times when there is a lot of anxiety.

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