The happy Le Kervelec tribe is back!

The most watched daily drama of the summer,

En famille

, returns this Tuesday at 9:10 p.m. on M6 with a bonus event.

An episode eagerly awaited by fans because after 10 seasons Marjorie (Jeanne Savary) and Jean-Pierre (Olivier Mag) will finally say "yes".

Jeanne Savary, the endearing interpreter of the future bride, says more about these nuptials which will not go exactly as planned!

After "Holidays in Brittany" the Le Kervelec family is heading south-west for a bonus in the colors of the Basque Country?

A change of scenery is always good!

The action takes place in the Basque Country, the region of my parents-in-law.

It's a pretext that allows you to move.

As we are always in the studio, when we find ourselves shooting outdoors, we might as well take advantage of the magnificent landscapes that France has to offer!

Except that there, we weren't very lucky since it rained a lot and we weren't able to take advantage of the outdoors as originally planned.

But there are still times when you see the beauty of the Basque Country.

For all these years that they sighed for each other without ever daring to declare themselves, Marjorie and Jean-Pierre who finally say “yes” to each other…. How do you feel about this kind of accomplishment for your character?

A union is always a form of joy!

This joy is obviously shared by the characters.

They will finally be able to assure their love, they who are characters who need to be reassured, who are always in doubt.

As an actress, one wonders if this will not sound the end of the plot?

Will we still have things to say about Jean-Pierre and Marjorie, because everything hinged on the fact that they couldn't do it.

And there, all of a sudden, it's a reversal of the situation.

But their personality will not change, they will always be clumsy, cause misunderstandings, not understand each other, and that's what's funny.

This will remain despite the marriage.

Is it perhaps also an opportunity to reinvent the dynamics of these characters a little?

Marjorie and Jean-Pierre have their hearts on their sleeves and are always a little off the mark.

That's not going to change.

In the next season, professionally, they evolve, but, suddenly, they take themselves a bit for the kings of the world, and give life lessons to everyone.

They would like to be exemplary life coaches, while they are always off the mark, that's the funny thing!

At the start of the episode, we discover that Marjorie has kept all the objects that symbolize their first times with Jean-Pierre, it's very romantic...

Yes, who would not be touched?

It is through the small gestures of everyday life that we see love.

Both are happy, even if their marriage does not go as planned.

They love each other and are above it all.

And this little memory box that she wants to give him is super beautiful!

It's something hyperromantic that may seem a little old-fashioned, a little corny about these characters, but which is hypercute at the same time.

Roxane seems more stressed about the wedding than her sister, Marjorie…

I think Marjorie and Jean-Pierre are above, in the joy of their love.

Roxane is more stressed.

Marriage refers to family issues and they will be robbed of their marriage by their whole family and their problems: the marriage that Roxane did not have, the disintegration of the parents' marriage... They will be dispossessed of their own marriage. , which will rekindle wounds while they bathe in joy.

This naive lover character accompanied you during your career: we find her in Hélène, the secretary of "Nestor Burma", in Jeanne Bignon of "Camera Café"... This common thread, is it a choice where we come to get you? for this type of role because it looks like you?

It's true, there is this common thread in my career, but it's a coincidence, I pass tests and I'm taken for these characters.

There must be something in me that must vibrate.

Maybe a kind of naivety, as if I gave people credit very easily, I don't see the harm… The counterpart is getting scammed like in Camera Café, Jeanne always gets cheated because she sees no harm.

I find it rather nice because there is something fresh in it.

Do you think that the authors are inspired by what you are, you, the actors?

Do you have your say?

Yes, we have a personality that emanates from us without our knowledge, and it shows.

There may be things we tell them that inspire them, but things are very written.

The characters are well drawn.

We have the chance to do readings before filming, and to be able to rework certain things when we think that it does not correspond to our character or to add an idea to it if we have one.

We are quite free.

Even if we don't change a lot of things, we have this possibility to do so if we are inspired.

For 10 seasons, the success of "En famille" has not been denied, how do you explain it?

It comes from an alchemy. The production company that chose these actors did the casting very well because the actors go well together and get along very well, even better and better over the seasons. And then, the chemistry with and between the authors. And the mindset and know-how of the production company do a lot too. The series is about the family, and inevitably, everyone finds themselves there. It's offbeat, it's not realistic, but it refers to a lot of things.

En famille

is like a disco ball that sends everyone back to their own family reality. All this with a lot of benevolence, with the desire to entertain without any pretension. This creates an air bubble that makes people feel good. En famille has the art of making slapstick out of real problems.

The filming of the special 20th anniversary episode of “Camera Café” will begin in February, what is your state of mind before resuming the role of Jeanne?

In a spirit of great excitement and great pleasure at the idea of ​​meeting everyone!

Even if we have kept ties and we all see each other again individually, the fact of getting together to work together again is great.

I only read a synopsis, I can't wait to discover my score.

I am very happy to participate in this adventure, it's a gift!

Does the filming of "En famille" leave you time to work on other projects?

I'm focused on

En famille

, even if the series is broadcast in the summer, we don't work on it all year round between short programs and bonuses, that's a lot of work!

I'm happy like that.

I'm trying to develop another project right now on the side, but I can't talk about it yet.


"Camera Café" will (maybe) come back for a special 20th anniversary episode


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