[Explanation] From Harmony to Fuxing, China's constantly developing high-speed rail technology has also witnessed the rapid development of China's railway industry.

  For the high-speed trains running on the vast land of China, it is also very necessary to have a "pedicure" on a regular basis and an overhaul of the wheels. Correspondingly, a railway type of railway work is derived - the "pedicurist" of the high-speed railway (镟wheel). work).

  [Explanation] The 52-year-old Liu Zhiwei is a ground handling mechanic in the Wuhan EMU operation workshop of Wuhan EMU, and also the first generation of wheel workers since the operation of China's high-speed rail.

  [Explanation] The curtain of the 2022 Spring Festival opened. The reporter came to the Wuhan EMU operation workshop of Wuhan EMU of China Railway Wuhan Bureau Group Co., Ltd. Liu Zhiwei was busy with the repair work. There are more than 10 tedious tasks such as measurement and processing. The seemingly small wheelhouse has to walk more than 20,000 steps in a day.

  [Same period] Liu Zhiwei, ground handling mechanic in Wuhan EMU operation workshop of Wuhan EMU

  I went to work on the bullet train in 2009, and I have been working on shifts since then. I have been doing this work. We mainly restore the thickness of the wheel shape and the shape of the contour, which directly affects the safety and stability of the high-speed rail. , the most important part of high-speed rail safety.

If a standard train (car) is grouped with 8 trains, under normal circumstances, it will work for about 14 hours.

  [Explanation] It is understood that during the operation of the high-speed rail EMU, due to the influence of wear and foreign objects, the wheels will appear "scars" such as rolling marks and scratches. Every scar cannot be ignored at all. It not only affects the stability of high-speed trains, but also affects safety.

  [Explanation] Liu Zhiwei said that giving a high-speed rail wheel is like "pedicure", which is not only a delicate job, but also an economic job.

In order to ensure the balance between the left and right of the EMU, the two wheels of the same wheelset should be repaired at the same time each time, and the error should be within millimeters. The tread wear limit of each wheelset is 70mm. It can extend the life of the wheelset by 2 to 3 months, which can save more than ten thousand yuan in costs.

  [Same period] Liu Zhiwei, ground handling mechanic in Wuhan EMU operation workshop of Wuhan EMU

  Every time we repair, we have a very strict standard for the limits of each part of the wheel circle. Basically, we need to keep it at the left and right, and the difference cannot exceed one millimeter. For every millimeter we repair, the cost saving is estimated to be more than 10,000 yuan. , Every time we repair, we mean that we can, to ensure that the entire high-speed rail train can run for 2 to 3 months.

  [Explanation] The Spring Festival in 2022 is coming, and the trains speeding on the track carry many people who go home and reunion hearts.

Whenever Liu Zhiwei sees the speeding train carrying passengers on the track, he always reveals his pride and satisfaction.

He told reporters that ensuring the smooth operation of the train and safely sending everyone home for the Chinese New Year is his greatest honor as a high-speed rail "pedicurist".

  [Same period] Liu Zhiwei, ground handling mechanic in Wuhan EMU operation workshop of Wuhan EMU

  Because our side is close to the high-speed railway line, we are still very proud to see the trains running smoothly and safely on the railway every day.

After investing in the high-speed rail business in 2009, we are in this position to escort the Spring Festival every year.

  Reporter Zheng Ziyan reports from Wuhan, Hubei

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]