Hong Kong media: The Chinese University of Hong Kong plans to add compulsory courses for national security education in the new academic year, and students can only graduate after taking them

  [Global Network Reporter Yin Yanhui] According to a report from Hong Kong Wenhui Network on the 16th, the National Security Law in Hong Kong has been implemented for more than one and a half years. In September this year, a new national security education course will be added. In the newly revised university core course requirements, a compulsory, 1-credit and graduation requirement "Understanding China Today" course will be added. The content involves National Security Law and Basic Law education.

  According to reports, the CUHK Student News quoted sources as saying that CUHK is preparing for relevant national security courses, which will be launched in the 2022/23 academic year after obtaining relevant academic approval from the University Council.

CUHK stated that according to Article 10 of the Hong Kong National Security Law, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region shall carry out national security education through schools, etc., to enhance the national security awareness and law-abiding awareness of Hong Kong residents. Therefore, the University needs to cooperate with the Education Bureau and the UGC to fulfill the legal requirements. related responsibilities.

  CUHK said that in order to "strengthen students' sense of belonging to the country", the school has launched a number of measures to promote the Basic Law and national security education on campus, including including the theme of "national security" in the orientation activities for all new students. Lectures, and explain the importance of national security and media literacy to student representatives who are in charge of preparing for orientation activities, and have held lectures on "National Security" and "International Situation and China's Diplomacy" in the past few months, open to all teachers and students to participate, and for aspiring Graduates who have joined the SAR government to hold "Basic Law Workshop".

  The report mentioned that in terms of other universities, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University has made national security education a compulsory course this academic year, involving 3 hours of class hours, and the content includes understanding the four categories of crimes against national security and related cases stipulated in the Hong Kong National Security Law. Another compulsory core course of Chinese history and culture involving national security education will be added in the academic year; Baptist University requires freshmen admitted from last year to attend two hours of face-to-face lectures on national security law education and read two hours of designated materials; the University of Education has also National security law and national security education are included in the compulsory general courses, and educators need to understand teachers' professional ethics, teacher ethics and the implementation of national security education in schools in their compulsory subjects; Lingnan University is in the common core course "Hong Kong Society". ” to include units on the country’s constitution, the Basic Law and the Hong Kong National Security Law.