As the 2022 Spring Festival is approaching, the Nanjing traffic police department has stepped up inspections of operating and non-operating vehicles.

On January 16, the reporter learned from the Traffic Police Brigade of the Jiangning Branch of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau that recently, a van with a nuclear capacity of 6 people actually carried 20 people.

  When the law enforcement police were on duty on Ruiwen Road, they tried to stop a van for inspection, but the car went straight away from the scene.

Subsequently, the vehicle was seized by the traffic police in the High-tech Zone. After an on-site inventory, it was found that the car carrying 6 people actually carried 20 people.

  At the scene, the police conducted educational talks for the driver and passengers respectively.

It is understood that the driver Zhou received the business of a courier company on the same day, and sent a large number of sorters from Hushu to Yinxiang, adding seats and overloading people at will.

For the truck driver Zhou Mou's behavior of exceeding the number of people, the police imposed a penalty of 100 yuan and 6 points in accordance with the law; imposed a fine of 500 yuan for his behavior of adding a seat and wrote a letter of commitment.

(The video of Ge Yong produced by Jiang Rongning is sourced from Rong Media Center, Jiangning District, Nanjing City)

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]