China News Service, January 16th, "I don't know what I want money for, I don't worry about food and drink. What do you want money for, bury you! I know now that my crazy greed is at its peak, but I don't know why I want money. "

  On the 16th, the anti-corruption-themed TV feature film "Zero Tolerance" aired the second episode "Fighting Tigers and Swatting the Fly". Wang Fuyu, the former party secretary and chairman of the Guizhou Provincial Political Consultative Conference, who was accused of accumulating more than 450 million yuan, confessed to the camera.

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Wang Fuyu was still collecting money a few days before he was arrested

Sanya in winter, Guiyang in summer, Shenzhen in spring and autumn

  Wang Fuyu, who will turn 70 this year, was sacked in February last year. At that time, he had stepped down as chairman of the Guizhou Provincial Political Consultative Conference for more than three years.

  Wang Fuyu was born in Tanghe, Henan Province, and his career involved Hebei, Hainan, and Guizhou. In February 1998, he served as a member of the Standing Committee of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and the Secretary of the Sanya Municipal Party Committee. He became a deputy provincial cadre.

In December 2004, Wang Fuyu was transferred to Guizhou across the province and served as the deputy secretary of the provincial party committee.

  In February 2021, Wang Fuyu was investigated and expelled from the party in August.

According to the report, this person acts as a two-faced person, acts as a two-faced person, has lost morals, and has a corrupt family style.

  On November 30 last year, the first-instance trial of the Tianjin No. 1 Intermediate People's Court opened the trial of Wang Fuyu's case.

Prosecutors allege that he started corruption as early as 1995 and accumulated more than 434 million yuan until he was investigated in 2021.

In addition, from 2019 to 2020, Wang Fuyu, who resigned, also used his influence to accept property from others, totaling more than 17.35 million yuan.

  The feature film broadcast on the 16th revealed that Wang Fuyu's violation of discipline and law, collecting money and accumulating wealth began in the 1990s. Until a few days before he was placed on lien, he was still collecting money from private business owners, which lasted for a long time. , is also very deeply hidden.

  The feature film revealed that Wang Fuyu's long-term use of a luxury villa in Guiyang was funded by a close boss for high-end decoration. The movie hall and gym are all available, and the details of the furnishings are all exquisite.

  Interestingly, the texts on the walls in the living room of the villa are all proclaiming that they care about the people and are indifferent to fame and fortune.

In the middle hangs the famous words of a magistrate in the Kangxi period: "Once an official is not honored, losing an official is not disgraceful, don't say that an official is useless, the place depends on one official; eat the food of the people, wear the clothes of the people, and don't care about the people. You can deceive yourself, you are also a commoner."

  Hanging on both sides is a pair of couplets given to Wang Fuyu by a boss: "Be kind and clean like jade, and be rich in spirit for the people."

  Wang Heng, deputy director of the 10th Supervision and Inspection Office of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and State Supervision and Inspection Commission, introduced that Wang Fuyu pretended to be upright and honest on the surface, but in fact, the problem of greed for pleasure and the pursuit of extravagant life was very prominent in Wang Fuyu, and he even thought about it. He wanted to live in Sanya in winter, Guiyang in summer, and Shenzhen in spring and autumn, so he arranged for his boss to buy a house for him in Sanya, Shenzhen and Guiyang, and then renovate it.

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Director of Dibao Office searches for poor households

Let poor households play money at the mahjong table in order to accumulate wealth

  The director of the subsistence allowance office of a county civil affairs bureau, although her position is not high, she is in charge of the "power" of approving funds in the field of poverty alleviation and people's livelihood. In a post that should help and relieve people in need, she devoted all her attention to helping the poor. Make money from people.

  Her name is Zhao Yonglian, the former director of the Subsistence Allowance Office of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Yongdeng County, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. The feature film broadcast on the 16th revealed many details of her crazy money-making.

  Wang Ziqiang, a resident of Yongdeng County, was one of the victims. In 2016, his daughter Wang Tao suffered from bone cancer. She was hospitalized 17 times and underwent knee replacement surgery. She spent all her savings and owed debts.

When she applied for serious illness assistance, Zhao Yonglian said that she could find a way to report more than 70,000 yuan, but she needed to give her 35,000 yuan to make a relationship.

  Wang Ziqiang scraped together and borrowed enough money to give it to Zhao Yonglian.

The rescue fund was finally reported to be 73,000 yuan, and Zhao Yonglian asked Wang Ziqiang for another 10,000 yuan.

  Wei Yuchao and Su Jiping were another victim.

Su Jiping suffered a head fall in 2018 and underwent craniotomy. The hospital once issued a critical illness notice.

The village helped them apply for critical illness relief, and they reported more than 70,000 yuan. This was a life-saving money.

I never thought that the application was approved by Zhao Yonglian. She knew that the family had just received the aid, so she took the initiative to call and claimed that she could also help them apply for low-rent housing.

  Under the constant deception and inducement of Zhao Yonglian, the couple not only gave her all the 70,000 yuan in relief funds for serious illnesses, but also borrowed 70,000 yuan from her brother, giving her a total of more than 140,000 yuan.

After a period of time, there was no news about the "low-cost housing", and Wei Yuchao realized that he might have been deceived.

  All the money that Zhao Yonglian defrauded was thrown on the mahjong table.

Since she got into the bad habit of gambling, she lost more and won less.

  Many needy households have received calls from Zhao Yonglian, saying that they need to transfer money immediately so that they can invite key people to dinner. They never imagined that Zhao Yonglian on the other end of the phone was actually sitting at the card table.

  After verification, Zhao Yonglian illegally obtained a total of more than 550,000 yuan from 13 victims. In November 2019, Zhao Yonglian was sentenced to three years and six months in prison and a fine of 100,000 yuan.

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"Food for food"

14 of the 15 grain stations in Yizheng, Jiangsu were investigated

  The feature film broadcast on the 16th also disclosed corruption cases at grass-roots grain stations in Yizheng, Jiangsu Province. In 2019, the Disciplinary and Supervision Commission of Yizheng City, Jiangsu Province investigated and dealt with a series of cases of state-owned grass-roots grain stations. 14 of the 15 grass-roots grain stations in Yizheng were investigated and dealt with. , 5 of them were transferred to judicial organs for review and prosecution.

  The clues to the problem were discovered actively by the Yizheng Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision in the daily supervision. During the inspection of the grain stations at the grass-roots level in the city, it was found that the corporate accounts of many grain stations, as well as the corporate accounts of some enterprises that had business dealings with the grain stations, were all There are financial transactions with the grain station owner's personal account.

Following the investigation of the doubtful points, the problem of "relying on grain for food" surfaced by many grain station owners. One of them is to make a fuss about the grain level.

  "At the time of acquisition, it was purchased according to the third-class grain. Later, the test reached the standard of second-class grain. The price difference was not clearly stated at the time, so it was put on myself." Gao Shilin, former head of Chenjiliang Station in Yizheng City, Jiangsu Province, said. .

  Although the purchase price of third-grade grain and second-grade grain is only a few cents per kilogram, the amount of grain is large, and the accumulation is not a small sum of money.

Gao Shilin, the former head of the Chenjiliang Station, obtained more than 100,000 yuan in this way.

  The issue of grain corruption, on the one hand, directly infringes upon the interests of farmers, and on the other hand, steals state funds in disguised form.

my country's grain procurement is dominated by market-oriented procurement and supplemented by policy-based procurement. When the grain supply exceeds demand, if the market price of grain is lower than a certain price, the state will initiate policy-based temporary procurement and storage, commonly known as "Trust City Grain". ”, that is, to purchase peasants’ grain at a state-protected price in order to prevent low-cost grains from hurting peasants.

  However, some people in some major grain producing areas use the method of "circling grain" to exploit this system loophole.

This is the case with many grass-roots grain stations in Yizheng. When the acquisition of "Torshi Grain" was launched, the commodity grains previously purchased at lower prices were sold under false contracts, and they actually crossed the old warehouses and switched to higher-priced "Torshi Grain" to buy. On the one hand, you can earn the difference in price, on the other hand, "Trusted City Grain" belongs to the national grain reserve, and the state will also pay the storage fee for the grain depot, killing two birds with one stone.

  After loading the grain truck around, pretending to be a farmer under the guise of the ID cards and account numbers of some related people, and perfecting the grain selling procedures, the commodity grain has turned into a "trusted grain".

  The feature film revealed that this series of cases in Yizheng City exposed many common problems such as confusion in the internal management of state-owned grain enterprises and mere formality of supervision.

Methods such as "raising overflowing grains", "grading grains", and "circling grains" have been found in many grain-related corruption cases investigated and dealt with across the country in recent years, and some people even use worse means to maximize their private interests when "circling the circle" For example, old grains of poor quality will be shoddy and old to new into the grain reserve.

All kinds of routines not only seriously damage the interests of farmers, but also directly endanger national food security.