China Weather Network News Gale Blue Warning Signal is in effect!

Today (January 15), there will be strong winds in Beijing during the day, with gusts of up to 6 or 7, and the highest temperature of only 3 ℃. The wind chill effect is obvious. Around noon will be the strongest period of wind. The public should pay attention to wind protection and travel with thick clothing to prevent colds.

  This morning, the northerly wind in Beijing came online, and the western area was relatively windy. Around 6 o'clock, the maximum gust in some areas reached about level 7.

  At present, the blue warning signal for strong winds in Beijing is in effect. Affected by the cold air, during the day, Beijing is partly cloudy, with northerly winds around level 4, and gusts can reach levels 6 and 7. Be careful when going out.

It is expected that tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, Beijing will still be mainly sunny or cloudy, and the air will continue to be dry. Friends need to pay attention to replenishing water in time.

  In terms of temperature, for three days from today, Beijing is very cold, especially in the morning and evening. The highest temperature today is 3°C, and the lowest temperature is only -8°C. The wind chill effect is obvious; Everyone needs to take precautions to keep warm.

  Meteorological experts reminded that at present, in the blue warning of strong winds in Beijing, the wind gradually increased this morning, with the largest gusts around noon, and gradually weakened after the night.

The temperature will drop further tomorrow, with a maximum temperature of only 1°C. The public needs to add clothes to keep warm.