Recently, when the traffic management team of the Public Security Bureau of Ledong Li Autonomous County, Hainan carried out a traffic violation rectification operation two kilometers away from the Lihong Line in the jurisdiction, it found that a Qiong D plate minivan was abnormal, and immediately stopped the car for inspection.

When the on-duty road steward asked the driver Fu to open the door, he found that there were more than ten children crowded in the car.

  After investigation, the vehicle had 7 people on board and 20 people on board, with an overcrowding of 185.7%.

Except for the driver Fu and a teacher who followed the car, the other 18 were children from a local kindergarten.

The driver, Fu, said that there were originally four school buses in the kindergarten, but one of the school buses broke down that day, and Fu used this van to pick up some more children.

The road supervisor on duty criticized and educated Fu on the spot, and asked him to immediately arrange a regular school bus to transport the children safely.

After investigation, the car did not have a school bus sign.

The Ledong traffic police imposed a combined fine of 10,100 yuan and a penalty of 6 points on the driver's license for Fu's traffic violations that provided school bus service with a vehicle without a school bus sign, and that the passenger car was overcrowded by more than 20%.

  (Headquarters reporter Ye Fei)