Announcement of the activity trajectory of confirmed cases in Zhongshan

  Nucleic acid testing of all staff in Zhongshan today

  Last night, Zhongshan held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control. The press conference revealed that the work and residence of confirmed cases in Zhongshan have been implemented, and environmental nucleic acid sampling and on-site control have been carried out in key places such as dining places and activity venues.

In accordance with the principle of "exhaustive inspection", the inspection and management of general contacts and key groups have been strengthened. As of 19:00 on January 13, a total of 433 people have been screened in close contact, and the nucleic acid test results have been negative.

Tanzhou Town will carry out nucleic acid testing for all staff from 14:00 on January 13, and nearby Shenwan Town, Sanxiang Town, and Banfu Town will carry out nucleic acid testing for all staff from 15:00.

On the 14th, the whole city of Zhongshan organized the nucleic acid testing of all employees.

  Text/Zhong Xuan, correspondent of Zhang Xiangyu, all-media reporter of Guangzhou Daily

  No other positive cases have been reported yet

  At the press conference, Liu Yunmei, deputy mayor of Zhongshan City, introduced that the confirmed case in Zhongshan has no history of going out in risk areas in the past 14 days, and the source of infection is currently unknown.

The case developed on January 10. Before the isolation, the social activities in Zhongshan were extensive, and the risk of community transmission was high.

So far, no other positive cases have been reported among the close contacts, sub-close contacts, key groups, and general contacts that have been tracked.

  Activity trajectory of confirmed cases announced

  At the press conference, Liang Weihua, director of Zhongshan Health Bureau, introduced that after preliminary investigation, the case and the family members who lived with him did not leave Guangdong Province for 14 days, and occasionally went to Zhuhai for activities.

It is mainly active in Tanzhou Town in Zhongshan City, and the mode of travel is mainly electric vehicles.

  The trajectory of the case activity is mainly to travel to and from home and work.

In addition, I have also visited Yongyi Market, Zhongzhi Pharmacy (Tanzhou Jinxiu Store), Tanzhou Hospital, Qicun Yongshun Street, Shenli Road Jiaxu Lane, Tanzhou One Plus One (Tanzhou North Road Store), Tanzhou Market, Haoyouduo Supermarket, Yileyuan Dafudi Fishing Village, Qicun Commercial and Residential Community, International Flower City Phase II, Shuimu Qinghui Garden, Yizhiwan (Huicui Store), Superior City Shopping Center, etc.

  Liu Yunmei introduced the next measures of Zhongshan City.

Next, Zhongshan City will resolutely implement the decision-making and deployment of the central government and the province, adhere to the general strategy of "foreign defense against imports, internal defense against rebound" and the general policy of dynamic clearing, and adhere to scientific, precise and strict epidemic prevention and control.

  Continue to implement the existing disposal measures.

Further carry out epidemiological investigations, scientifically and accurately investigate and control close contacts, second-close contacts, and key groups of people, and timely and comprehensively identify potential infected persons.

On January 14, the city organized nucleic acid testing for all employees.

  Open a dedicated hotline

  Do a good job in ensuring food and vegetable masks and other materials

  Liu Yunmei said that Zhongshan will conscientiously do a good job in providing living guarantees in the sealed and controlled areas.

Set up a special service guarantee team, open a special hotline, and earnestly do a good job in guaranteeing basic living materials such as food, vegetables, masks, and anti-epidemic materials. Or "one-to-many" service mechanism, strengthen psychological counseling and humanistic care, especially coordinating the work of epidemic prevention and control and medical service guarantee, urging various medical institutions not to use any excuse to reject patients, and to treat dialysis patients, release patients, etc. For cancer patients such as chemotherapy, as well as pregnant women and newborns who are in urgent need of medical treatment, a 24-hour on-duty system is established to ensure that the needs for medical treatment and treatment are fully guaranteed.