• The Rennes group Gwendoline releases this Friday a remastered version of their first album, released in indifference in 2017.

  • The duo from Rennes made a remarkable appearance during the last Trans Musicales.

  • In a spoken-sung style, the duo takes a cynical and disillusioned look at our society against a background of cold wave.

The meeting could have taken place in a good old PMU or a neighborhood harbor, “places of inspiration” for the Gwendoline group.

It was finally in a brasserie opposite the train station that we met Micka, one of the members of the Rennes duo that he composed with Pierre.

A little over a month after their remarkable appearance at the Trans Musicales, the duo released a remastered version of their first album

Après c'est goblet this Friday!

, completely under the radar when it was released in 2017. “We put it online on Bandcamp but without any pretension, just for our friends,” recalls Micka.

Creepy song and sad dance with Gwendoline at the expo park #trans2021 pic.twitter.com/7Mn7zS9r7b

— Philippe Mathé (@PhilMathe) December 2, 2021

It will finally be necessary to wait three years before the album is spotted by an independent Spanish label, Dead Wax Records, which will press 200 copies on vinyl.

Pushed by a friend, who has since become their manager, the two musicians and singers, a little lazy and losers, then made violence to each other, chaining the springboards in the festivals.

Their cold wave will then seduce Jean-Louis Brossard, the boss of the Trans, who decides to program them in 2020 for the online edition then on the stage of the Parc Expo last month.

Something to really launch the Gwendoline project.

“It was a joke at first but now we have to accept it,” smiles Micka.

Raw, funny and cynical words to tell the mediocrity of the world

Because the group is not in the lace. In their songs, written hastily in the alcoholic scents of the Le Terminus bar, the almost thirty-somethings evoke, between sarcasm and bitterness, the mediocrity of the world. “Life is fucking hard! “, they ironically chorus in

Audi RTT

, a song that has everything to become a hit.

The lyrics, sung or chanted a little like the Fauve group, are raw, funny, cynical and everyone takes it for their rank with Gwendoline, from the start-up nation dear to President Macron through the petty bourgeoisie or the political class of which they have "nothing to give a damn", as they claim in

Chevalier Ricard


“But we also don’t care about our own face, our little wanker side, we who live in our little comfort”, underlines Micka.

“We are not a committed group”

Symbol of a disenchanted youth, the group nevertheless refuses to be its mouthpiece.

“We are not a committed group with demands, he assures.

We are just talking about the global disenchantment of the world.

Coldly, of course, but we also try to laugh about it.

Before beginning a series of concerts (

see box

), the duo is also working, at their own pace, on a second album.

"We continue to work quietly but without wanting to make a career at all costs," says Micka.

We know enough about the world of music to know that our project can last a year or two before fading completely.

And it won't matter if that happens because we have plenty of other projects with Pierre, musical or not.


“There was something that was no longer there”… After Her, Victor Solf back to life


“Being solo means more pressure and work,” says Lujipeka

A series of concerts to come

After the Trans Musicales, the group Gwendoline will play again at home on March 31 with a concert scheduled in the new hall of the Antipode in Rennes.

They will share the stage with the Nantes women of Mansfield Tya.

During March, the duo from Rennes will also celebrate the Release Party of their album at Vauban in Brest.

The group should also be playing at several festivals this summer.

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