A cold wind pierces the collar.

The temperature in Seoul this morning (the 13th) dropped to minus 7.5 degrees, and the daytime maximum temperature will be only minus 4 degrees, and the sensible temperature will be below minus 10 degrees, and it will be colder than yesterday.

Tomorrow is expected to be as cold as today, and this cold will slow down for a while, even on the weekend.

A lot of snow fell on the west coast south of Chungcheong Province.

A heavy snow advisory is in effect mainly in the Honam region, where heavy snowfall continues.

In the future, a lot of snow of up to 8 cm will fall and accumulate on the west coast of Honam.

There are many places where the snow that fell in the cold freezes and forms an ice sheet, so be careful about safety accidents.

Strong winds cause trouble mainly in coastal areas.

While strong wind warnings have been issued all over the country, dryness warnings are also expanding around the east coast.

Please be careful of fire accidents.

In the cold, the cold will ease for a while on the weekend, but starting with the metropolitan area and Yeongseo, rain or snow will gradually fall in various places.

(Tae-Bin Yang, Weather Caster)