Some online platforms advertise that they can make money by reading videos, reading novels, and playing games. Some people even claim that they can earn 80,000 yuan a month

  . Is it a pie or a trap to make a lot of money by playing apps for free?

  You can easily earn hot pot money by playing games and reading novels every day. You can also buy a car and withdraw cash at any time. Is there such a good thing in the world?

The Beijing Youth Daily reporter found after the experience that it is really full of routines. In addition to watching advertisements during the process, there are also tasks to be done when withdrawing cash. The threshold is constantly escalating, and you only get a few cents for a week of trial play.


  Move your fingers to make money?

  You have to pass through the cash withdrawal levels

  You can make money by watching videos, reading novels, and playing games. Some people even claim that they earn 80,000 yuan a month and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, so they go to a 4S store to pick up a car... Such advertisements are ubiquitous on online platforms. Easy money doesn't seem like a dream anymore."

Xiao Ke, who couldn't help the temptation, went to download a game software for growing vegetables on a farm. "There are rewards for newcomers, but there are not as many as advertised, so it's just over a piece."

  However, what Ling Xiaoke didn't expect was that cash withdrawal would be a big difficulty.

Newly registered users have one chance to withdraw cash, and the amount is only 0.3 yuan. If they want to continue to withdraw cash, they must meet continuous sign-in and some other requirements.

"The most popular apps now have this common problem. To reach a certain level, you have to keep playing, which takes a lot of time and energy. Using this as a sideline to make money, you can't make much money at all." Many netizens couldn't help but complain, " If you don’t pick up a cent on the ground, you’ll be crazy for a cent online.” The few cents earned from this waste of time are not enough for traffic.

  level one

  Upgrade to earn "red envelopes"

  also attract a certain number of new users

  A reporter from Beiqing Daily found that there are many types of apps that claim to make money, such as playing games, watching videos, watching news, reading novels, and knowledge quizzes.

  In the advertisement of the game mentioned by Xiao Ke, a young couple claimed that they made several hundred thousand yuan a year, and also recommended to other players how the software is different from other software that sets withdrawal thresholds, so they can be exempted from it. The number of times and the amount are limited, and "one-click to receive" dozens of yuan in cash.

  After experience, the reporter of Beiqing Daily found that this game only allows WeChat registration and login. Under the guidance of the novice, some crops have been sown and harvested. After the first wave of harvest, you can withdraw a red envelope of 0.3 yuan.

Make processed products in the kitchen, and harvest the finished products to obtain red envelopes and "banknotes", of which the red envelopes can be withdrawn, and the "banknotes" can be used to purchase game props.

For each harvest of five sets of crops, you can get a red envelope of about 0.1 yuan and 500-1000 yuan "banknotes" in the game.

You can upgrade by completing the planting tasks in the game, and you can earn about 1 yuan "red envelope" for each upgrade.

  Earn red envelopes by planting upgrades and watch video advertisements to accumulate bonuses, while the "money" earned from games such as planting and cooking can only be used to buy new props in the game.

  After several rounds of games, the reporter tried to withdraw the money in the red envelope.

The page has six quotas: 0.5 yuan, 25 yuan, 50 yuan, 100 yuan, 200 yuan, and 500 yuan. The lowest 0.5 yuan quota can be withdrawn after two consecutive days of login; and the next quota after 0.5 yuan has become 25 yuan. , according to the progress of each upgrade reward is less than 1 yuan, users need to upgrade to at least level 25 to save this amount, but to receive the red envelope, it takes 10 days to sign in. After signing in for 10 days, they are required to pull 10 new users into the game. Can withdraw.

  Level 2

  Keep doing tasks to earn coins

  Daily withdrawal opportunities are limited

  A promotional advertisement for a free novel reading software said, "You can make money while reading books, and you can withdraw tens of yuan at any time."

After a reporter from Beiqing Daily tried to download the software, a red envelope popped up on the page, with the words "open to get 18 yuan". However, it was only 0.3 yuan to open it. To withdraw other amounts, you need to continue to do tasks to earn gold coins.

  In the experience, the reward for reading each chapter is only 10 gold coins, 58 gold coins for 5 minutes of reading, 188 gold coins for 60 minutes, 388 gold coins for 180 minutes, etc., but you can only redeem 1 yuan if you save 10,000 gold coins.

  If you want to speed up the withdrawal speed, you can obtain extra gold coins through the tasks recommended by the system, such as actively cooperating with check-in, logging in at a specified time between 21:00 and 24:00 to earn 88 gold coins, browsing recommended books to earn 666 gold coins, and watching 60 gold coins. The second advertisement video earns 88 gold coins and many other tasks. In contrast, the income of watching video advertisements is significantly higher than that of reading novels.

  The Beiqing Daily reporter completed the tasks one by one according to the requirements. After two hours, he finally saved enough 3,000 gold coins to reach the goal of exchanging 0.3 yuan. However, when he wanted to withdraw cash again, it showed that "Today's cash withdrawal opportunities have been used up".

  level three

  Don't want to be bombarded with dolls

  Need to spend money to recharge VIP membership

  It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the various advertisements that have always existed at the bottom of the page, an advertisement covering the entire page will pop up in the middle of the screen after reading a few chapters of the novel. "Cash Red Packet" App download advertisement.

However, users can enjoy a 10-minute pop-up window advertisement without "harassment" by watching a specified video. This specified video is a 45-second reading and withdrawal software advertisement; the advertisement at the bottom of the page needs to be paid for VIP membership to remove it. The limited-time preferential price is set to 3 yuan for 7 days, 12 yuan for 30 days, 26 yuan for 90 days, and 79 yuan for 12 months. The original price is 6 yuan for 7 days, 20 yuan for 30 days, 56 yuan for 90 days, and 218 yuan for 12 months.

  On the second day of the experience, a reporter from Beiqing Daily found that it was still only possible to withdraw 0.3 yuan once a day.

And as time goes on, newcomers benefit less and less.

  On the fourth day, the option to withdraw 0.3 yuan has disappeared, and the minimum withdrawal amount has become 1 yuan.

  On the seventh day, the account received a total of 30,000 gold coins, but when I wanted to withdraw, I encountered a problem again. The system requires at least 400 minutes of reading to withdraw 1 yuan, and the time spent watching advertisements is not counted in the reading time. ...after a week, withdraw 0.9 yuan.

  level four

  A little careless will automatically download unknown software

  The reporter from Beiqing Daily also experienced some guessing idioms and poker money-making software. Some require mobile phone registration, and some can log in directly through WeChat. The withdrawal method is WeChat or Alipay bound with personal information such as bank cards.

Similarly, a reporter from Beiqing Daily found that the income from watching video advertisements is always higher than simply answering questions and doing tasks. The so-called withdrawal of cash at any time has many obstacles. At first, there was a small amount of cash that could be obtained, but it became more difficult later on, and even more difficult. Further request to introduce other users to join.

  One of the games in which there are cash red envelopes for guessing idioms claims that you can withdraw cash to your account at any time. One title is a level, and every time you pass a level, you will be upgraded and a red envelope will pop up.

However, a reporter from Beiqing Daily found that it was necessary to collect 10,000 gold coins to exchange for 1 yuan. During the process, they had to watch the 20-second advertisement "Win physical strength" every few levels before continuing to answer the questions. These advertisements cannot be closed directly, and they will still be repeated if they are careless. Automatically start downloading unknown software.

  However, the system has also set up a variety of tasks to speed up the withdrawal speed, and the "welfare coins" obtained can be doubled by watching the advertising video for about 30 seconds.

But about an hour later, I was prompted that "today's benefits have been received".

After experiencing the seventh day, the gold coin card will no longer increase at 9500... In the end, only 0.6 yuan was raised.

  In a game advertisement that claimed to be able to "get rich overnight", some recommenders said that they could earn between 50,000 and 80,000 yuan a month, and were preparing to use the money they earned to pick up a car at a 4S store.

After downloading the game, a reporter from Beiqing Daily received a red envelope of 68 yuan for newcomers, but he needed to win 200 yuan before he could withdraw.

You can earn 1 to 2 yuan for each win, and 2 yuan will be deducted for each loss.

However, when the red envelopes accumulated to 200 yuan and were ready to be withdrawn, they were again required to "sign in for 60 consecutive days" to receive them.

  Many players have reported that in fact, they have not received the card successfully after 60 days of check-in, and additional conditions will continue to appear, not to mention the monthly income of tens of thousands of people who like to pick up a new car.

  According to statistics from Beiqing Daily reporters, if you earn "withdrawal coins" by watching video advertisements, you can earn 500 withdrawal coins for each 40-second video, and you can exchange 3,000 withdrawal coins for 0.3 yuan, 0.3 yuan, 0.5 yuan, and 1 yuan. The amount of 5 yuan can be withdrawn 5 times a day, and the amount of 5 yuan can be withdrawn 10 times.

Based on this calculation, it takes more than 13 hours a day to watch advertisements to get 59 yuan.

Some people spend money on advertisements to watch dramas, and some people watch advertisements to make money.


  "Making Money App" is suspected of falsely promoting malicious marketing

  Ren Guozheng, a researcher at the International Institute of Green Finance of the Central University of Finance and Economics and director of the Health Finance Laboratory (Database), told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter that from the statistical data, a large number of such apps now exist to increase the number of readings under the guise of giving out benefits and red envelopes. The behavior of attracting attention due to platform exposure is malicious marketing. "To make money as a bait to induce downloads and claim to receive cash, in fact, wasted time and energy, and ultimately failed to get it as promised. It is not only false propaganda, but also malicious marketing. ."

  Ren Guozheng pointed out that there are many financial frauds targeting the elderly and minors by such money-making apps.

In addition, when users register, they will be required to fill in various personal information. During the process of being recorded or used in the background, if the supervision is not strict or the operation is not standardized, personal information will be leaked, or even trafficked. The potential risks faced are enormous.

  For these behaviors, the network information department, the network police, and the platform should all fulfill their supervisory responsibilities.

If funds flow is found, you can learn from the measures taken by banks in financial fraud. For abnormality, you can set up some more restrictive procedures when remittance.

  "From a personal point of view, we must remember not to believe in empty-handed white wolves and pie in the sky. As long as funds are involved, multiple strings are required to prevent risks." Ren Guozheng reminded.

  Text / reporter Song Xia

  Intern Liu Chang Liu Zhaoyuan

  Coordinator/Photo courtesy of Zhang Bin/Visual China

  pay attention to

  "Making money app" is suspected of violating different laws and regulations

  According to Zhao Jingpu, a lawyer from Beijing Dentons Law Firm, there are three common modes of “making money apps”: using the money of new investors to pay interest and short-term returns to old investors, and defrauding more investment by creating the illusion of making money; Pay a certain fee, but the rebate must be calculated by pulling the head; users are encouraged to calculate the income according to the usage time of the app through online tasks.

  She explained that different models of "money-making apps" may be suspected of violating different laws and regulations.

Under the first mode, if the cost and profit of the app mostly depends on user investment, which in turn induces more users to join the investment and raise the price, and then continues to promote to new users, it is an unapproved target for unspecified objects to change direction and absorb Funds, suspected of illegally absorbing public deposits.

Under the second mode, App operators promote registration and require registered personnel to develop other personnel to register and form an online and offline relationship. Registered users have multi-level rebates and intergenerational rebates.

The third mode often cooperates with the acquisition of the user’s personal information, that is, the user is required to provide personal information such as real name, mobile phone number, ID number, address and other personal information when registering, and the user may collect information beyond the authorized scope during the process of clicking the task or forwarding the task online. , the platform makes profits by stealing, selling, and leaking user privacy information.