Today (12th) morning was colder than yesterday. Sub-zero cold will continue throughout the day, and this cold wave is expected to continue until the day after tomorrow.

Weathercaster Taebin Yang reports.


The coldest weather this year has left the whole country frozen.

A cold wave warning is in effect in the Gangwon region while the cold wave warning has been extended to many areas. This morning, the temperature inside Hongcheon recorded minus 21.3 degrees, the coldest in the country, and the temperature in Seoul also dropped to minus 11.3 degrees.

The bitter cold wind will continue throughout the day.

The highest daytime temperature in Seoul will be only minus 2 degrees, and the actual feeling of cold will be even worse.

The momentum of this cold wave will continue a little longer until the day after tomorrow, and as the cold north wind steadily flows in, it is expected to be cold around -10 degrees below zero.

Hopefully, the weekend will be warmer as the temperature rises.

The snow on the west coast has almost stopped, but there may be a slight snowstorm on the west coast south of Chungcheong until daytime.

The snow that fell in the cold can freeze as it is and form an ice sheet, so you need to pay attention to traffic safety.

It will be mostly sunny in other areas, but dry warnings are continuing around the east coast, and strong wind warnings are also issued in coastal areas, so you should be careful about fire accidents.

Up to 8 cm of snow is forecast for tomorrow in the bitter cold, centered in the south Chungcheong region.

(Tae-Bin Yang, Weather Caster)