At the Yaizu fishing port in Shizuoka prefecture, which boasts the largest amount of frozen bonito landed in Japan, a fishery cooperative employee arrested for stealing the landed bonito responded to NHK's interview.

For the first time, the staff testified that they had been involved in the act of stealing bonito with their bosses for more than 20 years. I was there. "

At the Yaizu fishing port, employees of the Yaizu Fisheries Cooperative and former presidents of fishery processing companies have been arrested and charged with stealing frozen bonito landed by a local shipping company.

An employee of the Fisheries Cooperative, who was arrested in this case and is currently on bail, responded to an interview with NHK.

In this, it is clear that the staff of the fishery cooperative has been repeatedly stealing bonito for more than 20 years, and they were involved in receiving the instructions of their boss and the request from the fish processing company and received compensation. I made it.

The staff said, "It was difficult to refuse because it was a common situation to extract from the beginning when I started work at the age of 18. Many tons of extractions are done frequently, and when it is terrible to see, the number It was up to 10 tons. There was no one watching it, and if I took it outside without weighing it, it was a lawless area with the feeling that it was in the dark. I was dyed and my awareness of doing bad things diminished. "

Regarding this case, at the request of the former president of a fishery processing company, bonito was transported by truck to a freezer warehouse without going through the weighing station of the fishery cooperative, and the company received a reward of 180,000 yen each time. It means that.

The rewards were distributed to other staff and truck drivers.

Regarding the incident, four shipping companies outside the prefecture landing at the fishing port were similarly damaged by the theft of bonito, etc., and a complaint and a damage report were submitted to the police, and the staff said, "I was injured. I'm really sorry for the shipping company. "

"Nothing changes when you raise your voice as a matter of course."

According to the report of the internal investigation compiled by the Yaizu Fisheries Cooperative in response to this incident, from several decades ago to about 10 years ago, the staff of the union will cover the expenses for travel entertainment and drinking parties between staff members. It is alleged that he was involved in the act of stealing bonito and received cash.

Regarding this, the staff said, "I stayed at a high hotel on a company trip when I first started working, and I couldn't afford to pay for souvenirs. I didn't know immediately at that time, but I knew it was a sampling. "

After that, he said, "I often heard that my boss was spending money flashy. I saw a picture of two bundles of 1 million yen placed on a woman's chest in a cabaret club."

In addition, in the investigation report, a fishery processing company in which the former president and the former managing director were arrested and prosecuted in this case gave crab claws to the staff of the fishery cooperative for more than ten years, and the staff circulated bonito in return. It has also been pointed out that it was.

Regarding this, the staff said, "Every year, I received crab claws at the end of the year, but I think that more than a dozen staff members received it. Isn't it? "

In addition, the report states that the staff members who responded to the internal investigation "did not even try to consult with colleagues or bosses, thinking that even if they advised their bosses, they would only be hidden."

In an interview, he asked why he couldn't speak up for cheating, and the staff said, "The extraction was so commonplace that I didn't want to speak up. There are people who are doing this, so when I speak up, nothing changes. I could never get rid of it with the help of one person. "

Skipjack that was taken away Possibly carried to Kagoshima

Regarding the Yaizu fishing port, apart from the case where the staff of the fishery cooperative and the former president of the fishery processing company were arrested, a shipping company outside the prefecture reported damage, and the police searched for the related parties and took them away. We are proceeding with an investigation, considering that the bonito may have been transported to Kagoshima Prefecture.

According to the police, about 10 tons of bonito landed by a shipping company in Miyagi prefecture in March last year was loaded onto a truck without being weighed by the fishery cooperative and taken out to the outside, which was recorded in the video of the security camera. rice field.

The police proceeded with the investigation in response to the damage report from the shipping company, and in December last year, there were two locations in Yaizu city where the bonito was brought in, as well as the affiliated company of the transportation company that owns the truck and has its head office in Kanagawa prefecture. We searched the freezer warehouse and the related parties of the fishery processing company headquartered in Tokyo on suspicion of theft.

According to police and others, the shipping company that was searched was transporting the bonito landed at the Yaizu fishing port to a fishery processing company in Kagoshima prefecture where the branch office is located.

For this reason, police are considering further investigation, considering that the bonito that was taken away may have been taken to Kagoshima Prefecture.