"One step at a time, one picture scroll, one step at a time, one picture scroll." On January 8, Xuyi, Jiangsu released ten scenes of Tianquan Lake, each beautiful picture showing the beauty of Tianquan Lake's natural ecology, the beauty of rural livability, and the beauty of water. The beauty of humanities and the beauty of green development perfectly interpret poetry and distance.

It is understood that the "Ten Scenic Spots" of Tianquan Lake were selected by experts in tourism planning, brand communication, and tourism experts on the spot, including Dialogue with the Sky, Drunk Bridge in Spring, Painted Sequoias, Tianquan Sunset, Fog Surrounding Iron Mountain, Hundred Birds Chaofeng, Xueji Ancient Temple, Bamboo Sea Morning, Zixia Wild Interest, Snow Mountain Jinghong, cover the four seasons of Tianquan Lake.

The picture shows the fog surrounding the Iron Mountain.

Photo courtesy of Jiangsu Xuyi County Party Committee Propaganda Department

Release time: 2022-01-09 12:10:28 【Editor: Tian Bochuan】